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  1. This year we have been killing them with crickets, that we get from Jan's Netcraft, tackle. The lemon meringue Color, has been hot, I like the bumblebee to.
  2. Guess I'm not going fishing today, pouring rain all night, still raining this morning, O,well!!!
  3. Going to try and get out on the river to play, with my sinkers, and lead/core . The surface temperature is 81.5, this weekend its suppose to hit almost 100 degrees outside temperature, that's to hot for the northeast. But the river has 40' depth in places, I'll drop my prob. To see what the temperature is down there. If that's hot Then I'll go home.
  4. Iam looking for the picture of I walleye We got last year wile striper fishing on the hudson, don't remember if it took a cut bait, or a live herring, but it was a nice fish.
  5. For eyes?
  6. Just checked 4 of my penn's, one pass Across the spool, and back = 14 to 16 ft. Plus what I have for a leader. Put the measurement on the rod. Thanks.
  7. Schroon lake & lake champlain, right now champlain is lousy with spiny water flea's I hate dealing with them. I used to fish out of Mexico bay on Ontario, but I sold my big boat years ago.
  8. Awesome info, thanks So much, Just cleaned up all my dipsy divers, got them all together and in one place on my boat. Next I have to find in my shed, my stand up rods, incase I go to one of the big dipsy's. Will rig up a rod to check the depth Tomorrow.
  9. Thanks, I will give your math a try, That should help target the fish. Give me a idea where I'm at.
  10. Sorry for all my rambling on, but this is making my brain work overtime, Someone above mentioned jigging for them, I bet that way was a technique used by a lot of old timers. I remember my grandfather having a lot of old ice fishing stuff, when I was just a little kid, and he explained how they used that gear,up on lake champlain were he came from in Ticonderoga NY. Iam sure after ice out they would be out there in there wooden boats jigging for fish.
  11. I think iam going to have to be smarter, about were the fish are, like CWiTek said, target them when they are in the shallower waters. If I happen to boat a fish with my old fiberglass rod, and penn reel, I will be sure to post a picture for you guys, thanks for all your idea's.
  12. I have a number of dipsy divers, the others you mentioned, don't know about, have to check them out. Funny you mentioned them, yesterday I Googled, to see who invented the dipsy diver, and how long ago, to see if it would be cheating on my part, Again, I want to boat a few fish, the way the old timers had to do it. Didn't come up with any answers from Google?
  13. Just pulled out one of my secret spoons
  14. I will be headed back up to schroon lake, this fall, give it another try, thanks Again.