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  1. Hello all. I do alot of creek fishing with ultra light rods, so naturally, I've got some small reels paired with these. Most of these reels only listed rating for 2#, 4# and 6# mono line. However, if I decrease the yardage, can I also use 8# mono line? I'm finding that tying knots using 6# sometimes is more difficult that I'd like (line gets stretched easily). Thoughts?
  2. Hey guys. Just purchased a budget kayak (Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100), and want to make some mods. In particular, I'd like to place a few gear tracks/rails on the side. Is there a certain screw or installation method I should use to ensure no leaks occur down the road?
  3. Thanks everyone! From the context of your replies, I’m guessing most of you are lake fishing?
  4. Hi! As I said in my first few posts, this is really my first year fishing. So....this is my first summer to fish through. I fished from 1pm-4pm today in a local creek in lows 90s, sunny weather. Is this basically a bad idea all the time? If so, I'm assuming the recommendation to fish would be before 10am or after 5pm? I used Zman fluke, Zman shadz, beetle spin, bisty minnow, Zman craw and trout magnet today. Only caught one longnose gar (that's a that was an interesting unhooking adventure...) and a few bites after that. No more fish.
  5. Hello all! New member here. I've only been kayak fishing for about a month now. I have a few friends I usually go with, but some times it's just impossible to find a partner. We have a few small creeks close by that are really fun. In these situations, when I can't get anyone to go, what would you recommend? Put in and then paddle up stream a bit? Or just go to a local lake/pond instead, Ha!? I've never really paddled up stream for long distances before, so not quote sure how that'd work out. Any input for this rookie would be appreciated!