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  1. Nice one!
  2. Lack of money is the root of all evil.
  3. I know they are pretty rare between Oceanside and Imperial Beach. I spent the better part of 20 years fishing there and never even saw a striper.
  4. Fished the micro standard a couple of times now in the bay and on the beach. Haven't caught any fish on them, but learned that a ball bearing swivel is absolutely required if you are going to cast and retrieve. I think I would prefer to vertical jig them, but haven't had the opportunity.
  5. I've been fishing the bay for bass the last few months with pretty decent success. Yesterday morning the conditions were great on my local beach, so walked down and threw for a couple of hours. Caught a few small bass, including this little guy which was my first beach bass of the year. Not exactly the way I planned it, but at least avoided the dreaded skunk.
  6. Stopped by and checked the place out on my walk to the grocery store yesterday at around 8:30am. A few people were in the tackle shop, which is great news. The place looks better than ever and has about 90% of the stuff I regularly use; sorry Amazon. Owner seems pretty cool. He was spritzing the bloodworms when I was there.
  7. Nice. Gives me motivation to dink around with them a bit. Thanks,
  8. I just picked up 3 (1x micro slim & 2x micro standard) in the normal colors for my area. Anyone have luck with them?
  9. Nice. I do something similar (but with mono) with fresh or salted anchovies when fishing for halibut.
  10. It's west facing so I'd check the bouy and wind direction before heading there. You thinking perch , ATM?
  11. The mallards (yeah, ducks) and crows in my neighborhood have learned to hunt the surf line for sand crabs. It's pretty amazing to watch those bills, so specifically designed for other environments, get used in the sand.
  12. Saw something very similar fishing out of a panga in baja, except it was my buddy snagging the boat owner in the head with a 3/4oz scampi. As you might imagine, our fishing trip ended early that day.
  13. Either this or sell it on the sly. j/k
  14. I'd like to think the Kastmaster was buried deep in the robbers thumb. Is that wrong?
  15. That's a clean Tundra. Random drivers window smash is strange considering they had a sidewalk on the other side. We have a 2020 Prius that lives out in front of our house. I'm expecting to start it one morning to the sound of an open exhaust. CC theives are everywhere in my area.