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  1. Heya, Check out jjdbike's thread on moving to the west coast. Not exactly nor-cal or Oregon, but it touches on many interesting points and may capture some of your feelings/apprehension. Any NE transplants to SoCal here? - West Coast Fishing - SurfTalk (
  2. After I got home yesterday I went down to the beach since the surf had dropped and we had a low tide. Stood there for about 20 minutes deciding since the report for Thursday morning was for smaller surf and a south wind. Laziness took over and I went home thinking I'd get a chance today. Of course this morning it 4.6' at 15s, so off to work I went. Nice fish. Thanks for the painful lesson.
  3. For those of you with a 200A, the little vises with the X shaped handles do not work for the spool cross-pin removal. The vise body is too thick to properly locate the vise's extraction pin. What does work great are the pliers from Boca bearing. You must use the pin on the pliers to extract and insert the cross-pin, and getting the cross-pin centered is a chore, but it does work.
  4. I found a pin removal too on Amazon. It should be delivered by next weekend.
  5. Hey guys, I tripped and fell yesterday morning while surf fishing. Submerged my 2 month old Tranx 200A for a few seconds. When I got home washed it off and tore it apart. Since this is the first tear-down, I hope someone can answer these questions. 1. How do I pull the little bearing on the spool shaft? Is there a special tool or do I drift out the cross pin and yank the bearing? 2. How do I separate the silver plastic cosmetic outer from the frame? All screws are out, so... 3. How do I remove the clutch roller bearing? I tried to hook it out, but it didn't want to come. Thanks for any help!
  6. C&R: Water was perfect this morning, so went out about an before dawn. Fatty boom boom here jumped on a sardine pointer about an hour later.
  7. Picked up an Edge surf rod and thought I'd share the info. It is model SUR 1164-2. Ordered it Nov. 5th and received it on Nov. 19th. Paid $294.50 which included tax/shipping. Total length 11' 6". Lower section 55 3/4". Upper section 87.5". 8 guides + tip. Weight 14.5oz. Guides and seat are from Seaguide. Handle is 26.5" from butt to reel stem. I have some other pics with reel and next to other rods if anyone wants to see. Otherwise hope this helps.
  8. yes, it is prudent to pull the image and email links.
  9. This vendor is one of my favorites, so I was bummed when I ran across this notification on Redd#%. I have already sent an email to confirm my exposure, but haven't heard back yet. Check your accounts.
  10. I have not seen one that big, but my FB is blown up with river fish over 20, each and every day.
  11. Yep, I swap to some version of a double dropper or drop shot. Will often add a couple of orange beads for better visibility if it's that gnarly. Fluoro is stiffer, so that helps too.
  12. ATM, SF bar is reading 8.9'. The sewage will dissipate before you can fish the beach again. If you are worried about the crab opener at the pier, you have plenty of time.
  13. what the ****?
  14. Nice pics. We saw some of the planes on late Friday afternoon from work. I wanted to see the Littoral ship, but never got a chance.
  15. I only use scents to get my smell off the lure. I love my little garlic marker pen in blue.