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  1. Amazing fish. Obligatory #itonlycountsonfly! LOL j/k.
  2. 2.5 is adequate to maybe just slightly short of fun in daily driving. Based on the 2.5, I don’t think the 2.0 would make me happy. There is nothing she doesn’t like about it. If I put on my former-car-magazine-editor hat, I would say the dash plastics are a bit cheap-looking, compared to my Lexus LX570, and the NVH during acceleration is a bit more than I would prefer. I find the driving experience, the seats, the infotainment, and the value to be commendable. Oh - there is no cigarette lighter outlet or USB outlet in the rear. There is a USB outlet in the center console that rear seat passengers can use, but that seemed like a goof to me.
  3. My wife has a 2021 Crosstrek with the bigger (165hp) motor. She’s very happy with it. It is cheap on gas, good infotainment system, and great in the snow.
  4. Makes sense. Good luck!
  5. You might... but I mostly agree with everything Gilbey said! I fish mostly CT.
  6. Interested in a Fishpond Thunderhead submersible lumbar pack? I could do $175 shipped to Philly, or $160 picked up in the NYC area. If you're interested I'll snap a bunch of pics of my actual bag. I like it, but I find I use the sling bag more for trout and the backpack in the boat. Oh it's the green/Yucca color.
  7. Also - I love this site. Thanks SOL!
  8. Sold! I'll take it. PMing you.
  9. I think you’re thinking about the Paul Tough story in the times about Montauk Lobsterman John Aldridge.
  10. They’re $199.95 at Amazon and Tackle Direct. $170 sound fair? I’m in Chappaqua so White Plains is very convenient. Alternately, if you’re local, I am also willing to offer $150 plus a key to my boat at area 7 on Kensico! LOL.
  11. WTB: Penn 706z Want to try one. New (2013) or old doesn't matter. Pick up in Westchester/Fairfield/NYC or shipping.
  12. Bluegill and bass don’t give a ****. I just tie on 8 lbs mono straight. Perfection loop in one end, clinch knot to the fly. Have literally caught hundreds on that.
  13. Got my first one of the season today on a deer-hair popper on 5wt. Not a big one but surprised to see him nonetheless.
  14. My Land Cruiser gets about 14.5 mpg in mixed driving with BFG T/As so I have to be honest, I try to think about pretty much anything other than mileage at all times!
  15. The aspect ratio is a RATIO of the sidewall relative to the width of the tire. A 265/65R18 is about 31.6" in diameter. A 235/65R18 is about 30.0" in diameter. It's about a 5.3% increase in diameter, so yes, big change on the odo.