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  1. These rods are the business. My 10/11 loves a 465 grain Rio Outbound Short. I think these are pretty much still top of the heap for an albie rod.
  2. I have a bone colored one. I love the retrieve…. But haven’t caught a fish on it yet.
  3. I’m in the process of moving so can’t spare the time to go out but I zip around LIS in my 16-footer all the time. It gets too windy to fly fish before it gets too windy for my boat so little boat works for me! Go for it and have fun!
  4. I’ll take it. Can meet in NNJ or do shipping. Whichever is easier for you.
  5. My buddy caught one on Tuesday out of Norwalk. We were on my boat, but you could easily have cast to the spot from shore.
  6. Because a slower presentation sometimes catches more fish. And I can strip a fly line way slower than I can reel a plug. Also it's super fun to fight a big fish on a 9 foot rod. (Pssst, because it's more fun.)
  7. I can cast 90 feet or so with almost no effort with a 3-4" deceiver if I am standing on the front seat/platform of my skiff. Seated with my bottom on the waterline in my kayak, it's 75 feet at best. So I wouldn't underestimate the difference between standing up with the casting hand 6' off the water as opposed to sitting with it 2' off the water.
  8. Little after work fun on the sound. The sea robin was my buddy’s first fish on fly in the salt. Marked a couple bigger fish, but it was still 99% schoolies.
  9. Got out in the salt for a few hours. Only a couple schoolies to show for the effort, but still lots of fun.
  10. Hobie Power Skiff is a good idea, but honestly even a 14 aluminum semi-v would be fine in the salt ponds etc. A motor dory from Sturdee Boat or Duxbury Dory would be a great choice too. I run a 16’ tiller Duxbury Dory for inshore fly fishing in the NE. Can tow with anything. And it’s a great boat. Tell me when the Stripers arrive and I’ll tow it up and we can dunk it at Quannie boat ramp.
  11. Moderately forked tail with rounded lobes, head shape and coloration make me sure those are White Catfish / White Bullhead.
  12. I think your current leader recipe is good. I use 40 lbs seguar fluoro to 25 lbs maxima for big striper flies, and I like the way it works.
  13. Little local brown after work.
  14. Amazing fish. Obligatory #itonlycountsonfly! LOL j/k.
  15. 2.5 is adequate to maybe just slightly short of fun in daily driving. Based on the 2.5, I don’t think the 2.0 would make me happy. There is nothing she doesn’t like about it. If I put on my former-car-magazine-editor hat, I would say the dash plastics are a bit cheap-looking, compared to my Lexus LX570, and the NVH during acceleration is a bit more than I would prefer. I find the driving experience, the seats, the infotainment, and the value to be commendable. Oh - there is no cigarette lighter outlet or USB outlet in the rear. There is a USB outlet in the center console that rear seat passengers can use, but that seemed like a goof to me.