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  1. $110 shipped
  2. If you want this pm me your info
  3. It weighs 3.57oz rigged
  4. Not sure I’ll check when I get home
  5. Plus $10 for shipping
  6. It’s not a ditch witch but I have a New Mikes Pencil in Mackerel. $100 if you want it
  7. Will you take $100 for mikes?
  8. Wtb - Ditch Witch, Headbangers, Big Ben, Commander, Side Kick, Z Glides. Fast Payment. Thank you
  9. Looking for Mikes ditch witch, thanks fellas
  10. Great advice, thank you!
  11. Thank you, I’ll check them out !
  12. Yes I’m familiar with dead meat. They make awesome designs!
  13. Thanks Derek
  14. Perfect. Thank you
  15. Thanks BassAssasin