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  1. definitely gonna start looking through the forums. the only thing ive had issues finding information on is salting and curing bait, cant tell if im doing it right or not and there isnt a very clear tutorial.
  2. thanks for the in-depth response! ill try to switch it up from my usual kastmaster spoon/fishfinder rig/popper. gonna try to keep a log of my days and try new ways to come after it. fishing in a harbor where boats go in and out all day is a little harder than i thought but i know there must be some fish around there.
  3. will definitely take all this info into account. ill give an update to see if I catch anything and hopefully i will!
  4. thanks for the in depth information. gonna try switching to salted squid and try out new rigs besides fish finder rigs!
  5. thing is ive tried other spots too, i went all the way up the Housatonic River near derby ct and sherwood island still nothing but i see other people around me catching stuff which was leading me to believe its something im doing wrong lol. ill google map hunt for more spots
  6. so far in my fishing season this year, I have only caught one sea robin by accident. I live right off of a harbor, boats going in and out all day, and go down to my dock all the way to the end and throw plugs and swimbaits and pretty much anything. I'm in the Fairfield County area. I've even brought 4-5 rods and thrown out chunks of clams or small crabs. at this point I'm not looking for striped bass anymore, more like anything that will bite whatever I throw. even at the dead of night around 11 ish, i will watch small fish break the water and when i throw past them and catch up to them they splash on the other side of the dock. in the area where I fish its all seaweed beds or rocks so I get snagged. I've checked weather conditions, tides, water temperatures in certain areas. still nothing and nowhere. normally id go to a different pier but its been swamped with anglers recently. I've gotten fish there before so I know they are there. I just don't know whats going on. I have everything from 12ft rods to 6,6 rods. am i just having a bad season? dunno whats going on. sorry if this is in the wrong forum, first time posting.