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  1. I have been meaning to post some pics of my Greenie collection and had a camera in hand and some greenies nearby. I'm too lazy to go down and get the others so here's what I got. 712 and 713 704 and 705
  2. I own about 30 Penn " Blackies", the very rare, black painted version of the "Greenie" spinning reel. But I have a question that nobody really, definitively seems to know the answer to. How many Blackies were manufactured? In smooth finish? In bumpy finish? Maybe the Penn guys can finally put this age old question to rest.
  3. Then go see the film Red Tails. It's a stylized account of the exploits of the Tuskegee Airmen and there are lots or P40's. P51's, B17's and ME109's. Most of them are digital models but they did a great job of making it look real.
  4. ...and it has nothing to do with the weather.
  5. Your opinion is important to us.Please direct all your criticisms or observations here. Thank you.
  6. I have a $40 Phillies gift certificate that expires 3/29/12. It's good for merchandise purchased at the Majestic Team and Alley Stores. I'm asking $20 for it.
  7. The theme of the flower show in Hawaii is Philly. They hired a bunch of badly dressed fat people to shout obscenities at black people.
  8. I'm waiting for your apology to me, and one from the other jugheads too!!! You've got nerve!
  9. I was in college with a girl whose father escaped from a Korean POW camp with a few other guys. It happened in the dead of winter and they didn't really know exactly where in Korea they were, so once they were outside the fence they all went in separate directions to better their chances of being rescued. This guy walked for two days until an American patrol found him and brought him to the hospital where he was treated for severe frostbite. The other 4 or 5 guys he escaped with were never heard from again. He was visibly shaken while telling us the story. This girl told us later that he had never shared that story with anyone else ever before.
  10. 40 is the new 30
  11. In before the lock
  12. They're also great for wasting ant hills.
  13. Ravioli? That guy makes soundfisher look like Mother Teresa.
  14. What about being stabbed in the eye with broken glass?
  15. Ya gotta admit anything from the shoulders up is a pretty big target . If he missed you it was on purpose.
  16. Steve, for the record- I said you were correct about the SAT's being an aptitude test. PS. I think Rav might actually be a chick.
  17. I think what Tim is trying to say is this: You can teach a seal to play Lady of Spain on the horns, but he will still crap on the floor.
  18. SAT classes help test takers become accustomed to the format, feel, and timing of the test . This way they're not taking the test "cold" . They do this by giving students old SAT tests as well as some basic training in math and vocabulary. The classes don't raise your IQ, they just give you a head start on everybody else. STEVE IS CORRECT ( no, you are not seeing things) The SAT's are an aptitude test. Colleges don't care about what you can remember eg. whats the 34th state, what kind of car did Abe Lincoln drive, etc. , because that kind if information can be learned and forgotten very quickly. They want to know what your capacity for learning is and they do it by using a lot of timed cognitive problems you can't study for. Lots of students will be able to figure out the answers eventually, but how many can do it quickly? It's all about speed. This is why Mensa will consider SAT scores for prospective membership, but only those who score in the 98th percentile will be accepted. So only the best of the best of the best can ever be accepted into the gold standard of high IQ societies;Certifiable geniuses each and every one. 100,000 members worldwide and each an unquestioned brainiac of monumental scale. Anybody can claim to be a genius, but Mensa members can prove it!!! Mensa; the champions of super smartness!!!
  19. Aren't you being contrary to his contrarianism? Pot-kettle
  20. Find a brainy Asian kid who will take the test in your kids place. The best $350 you will ever spend.
  21. We use them on the farm. For the most part flame weeding only slows the growth of weeds and grasses. If you want to kill the stuff use Roundup. They work fine if you catch the weeds early in the spring, but once they grow a root system the flame weeders are useless. They are also useless on established grasses, not to mention the danger of starting a grass fire.
  22. Want me to start a Prayers for Mokes thread?
  23. LSD is a helluva drug.
  24. If nothing else those Cargo Cult people are loyal....and patient. We could use them here.
  25. I will be a proud martyr for the Republic. Songs will be written