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  1. Forgot to mention, maybe a set up for draggin live eels as well.
  2. Next year will be switching from shore fishing to mostly fishing from kayak. Striped Bass North of Boston. Will need to put the two “good” reels I own on different rods. I throw soft plastics small as 4” all the way to 14” on 1/4oz to 3/4 Oz jig heads, SPs and some other lighter topwater stuff. Will also be trying to teach myself the tube and worm and plan to spend a decent amount of time on that set up. I do have a 7’ proteus inshore rod that I will most likely leave my stradic on and start with. Let me know what set ups you think I should use for the different techniques I use. Reels Owned: Daiwa BG 4000 Stradic XJ 5000 Penn Battle 2 2500 (schoolies?) Thanks for any help, just looking to get some of this stuff bought while there might be holiday sales.
  3. SOLD! Great yak, great deal, great condition thank you @Striper52 and your SOL BST forum! Time for some off season rigging!!!
  4. Looking for my a used yak around 600-700$ located in MA
  5. Still available?
  6. I think I’m getting the coupler secured correctly as i can get it shifting neutral to forward. No reverse. Which means it is is pulling the lower rod into up into forward gear, but the issue is in the linkage up top near the power head. It’s the part that attaches the upper shift rod directly to the shift lever. The lever seems to have too much play as it turns it doesn’t engage this linkage fully as its turning. It catches it eventually, which results in me getting the one shift from neutral to forward and back, but as I said it doesn’t hit forward gear until the lever. I won’t be back at my house up north for a week or so. But any and all suggestions I can try to get it synced help so thank you.
  7. I’m not sure what you mean by open 3/4 of an inch. The lower unit is fine and clicks into all gears by hand fine and the pivot pin is in. After more work on it the actual shift lever seems to have too much play. The linkage connected to the lever will not move with the lever the whole way. And the one adjustment bolt doesn’t actually tighten the linkage to the lever at all. Is the lever or linkage stripped and that’s why it has so much play? When I hold down the upper shift rod all the way the lever stays all the way up in reverse and there’s no play in it. But it doesn’t find forward until the lever is all the way down to the point where it hits the mounts and doesn’t find reverse.
  8. 3 days in a row from shore on the same bird pile, surface feeds, all on outgoing. Huge schools of peanuts getting slammed in a very populated harbor, all schoolies right around 22” but a few small slots as well. We’ll see how much longer this goes.
  9. Maybe I was just inexperienced on the sensitivity of the drag on that reel as I had used it only a few times. It was just an observation of mine that seemed to be confirmed by someone who knows more than me when I inquired about the issue. I’m glad you guys are having good experiences with yours. I went with a stradic instead. Wasn’t trying to crap all over your guys reel preferences, just my experience from using a 3500 slammer 3 for albies. Drag seemed weird. Relax....
  10. Drag was not engaging at all and I turned it two clicks I had enough drag to pop off an albie. Might just be super sensitive but losing an albie is enough to keep me away. Might just be a defective drag system on it
  11. I would stay away from the slammer 3, drag system has issues. Talked to very knowledgeable guy at a reputable shop on the cape and he said they stay far away from those reels. Love my Daiwa BG 4K though. 120$ Great reel for the $$$
  12. Let me rephrase... a mechanic that will work on older outboards.
  13. Looking for anyone in NH, MA, ME that will help to sync my shift linkage on my 1972 evinrude sportwin 9.5HP. Thing runs like a top, just having major trouble getting that linkage correct. I can not find ANYONE to even look at it even though it runs and is a complete motor. If anyone has a buddy or is good with these things themselves please send me in the right direction.
  14. Looking at it a little closer I’m pretty sure the kid that spooled it just did **** job. I did lose this screw off it though. Any idea where I would be able to get a replacement?
  15. Finally got the fish I’ve tried all summer for! Wasn’t biggest of night, 44” on this one. Biggest was 46” on artificial soft plastics. Game over I’m hooked for sure now. Year one has been big learning curve for me. Thanks to all who helped me out to get here (you know who you are)