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  1. I'm going to be spending the week after the 4th in south florida and I'd like to fish the beaches if conditions are good, which, being july, they should be, right? Anyways, heres my gameplan for monday, just wanted to see if anyone had any input: Im going to fish the beaches on hutchinson island. The high tide is 1030 or so, so i figure if i get out for sunrise i'll have a nice incoming tide to work with. Ideally I want to net some croakers or really whatever bait is there, and freeline that in the 1st trough for snook. I'm also going to bring my box with big minnow plugs, topwaters, doa shrimp, flukes, bucktails and all those good sw artificials. Sound good? As far as questions: How light can I go with my flouro? The beaches i'm looking at have rock right up in the trough from what I can tell, should I be worried about getting busted off on that? Is it a better strategy to pick a good beach and walk it or drive up and down the beach accesses until you find the bait/action? Are the fish tight on the bait or generally well spread out along the beach? Thanks for the help guys, I tried to do as much research as possible before posting
  2. Got it, planning on being out there 45min before the sunrise. The more I read the more I think flouro is a scam. Thanks. If I do get some bigger baits like croaker or mojara, would you freeline them or try to put them on the bottom? Any advice as far as tides? Oh, and I have some ginormous 8" gambler paddletails, you think its worth throwing something that big? Thanks for the tips.