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  1. Rod sold to Lastcast295
  2. That would be preferred
  3. Selling 11’ ODM Jigster 4-10oz, 2 piece 50/50 split, rod is in like new condition, $315 shipped
  4. Daiwa BG in all sizes is going to be really tough to beat for the price
  5. I’ve personally owned 3 of the Star VPR surf rods and two of them blew up fighting fish, rod did not perform as it needed. I also do agree that the rod is overpriced for the components that it has. For less money you can get a Lamiglas Carbon Surf, ODM DNA, or Tsunami Airwave Elite which are all far superior rods IMO compared to the VPR.
  6. Rod sold to GoodOneSam, thanks SOL
  7. Attach it to the line and reel it up to the guide
  8. Sensitive tip with a good amount of backbone, not as "whippy" as a lami, casts anything in the 1-2.5oz range most effectively
  9. Looking to sell my 10-6 ODM DNA 3/4-4oz, rod is 2-piece 60/40 split, rod is in great condition, also includes travel/storage bag, $200 shipped
  10. Sounds good, sending PM
  11. Would you take $150 shipped for the lot?
  12. Do you have any pics?