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  1. Nice fish brother keep the good work .and keep studying. Lol
  2. I love my Brossi rod how have you been mike good luck on finding the big one happy new year.
  3. It was great to meet all of the crew I had great time thanks
  4. what should I bring
  5. I WOULD LOVE to come sounds cool
  6. sound like fun .
  7. One of the best suv and they offroad well .I have three inch lift and 33" tires .
  8. I like knee deep brewing braking bub . I's good .
  9. I love my 1997 .
  10. I'm in happy holidays thanks.
  11. I won't the rasta popper is sick bo happy 420 thanks for sharing .puff puff pass.I like the garden .
  12. nice work .
  13. I'm in happy holidays thanks.
  14. You been kill it .
  15. I love to try one thanks.