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  1. Thanks for this. Pardon the hypothetical-- you've schooled me well on the practical issues and reality with the CCA up here in the Northeast-- do you think a more publicly positioned conservation group would have greater effect on ASMFC? Yes, I'm the guy who was equating good swag to effective advocacy. My swag comment from another thread was really about seeing the "JOIN CCA" Redfish bumperstickers all over Texas and getting the sense that advocacy had permeated into some sort of popular "regional" culture. The Redfish stickers are on pickups next to faded BUSH COUNTRY bumperstickers and suberus next to BERNIE 2020 bumperstickers. You've made the clear distinction that the northeast simply does not that cultural dynamic like in the south where Redfish can transcend some politics and class structures. I'm drawing on the CCA as a way to brainstorm putting a public face on conservation up here. There has to be SOME celebrity from one of these states who would stand up for striper conservation. Stripers need their Kenny Chesney.
  2. What do you remember about the previous collapse? Yes, I love the details. I'm asking because I'm outlining a doc pitch on the subject. This is an amazing community with a collective wealth of info that if harnessed could reach more then just the casual angler. CWitek's blog-- for example-- is a treasure trove and needs to be passed to the next generation. It'll be hard to get the kiddos to dive into the density oif the topic, an easy on the eyes doc could get their attention. *
  3. I also recognize that a one man social media campaign is futile compared to how strong it would be if everyone on this site who gave a damn sent a direct line to their commissioners. A template could help!
  4. Do you recommend any pointers, stats or data to reference in an advocacy letter for conservation? If you're comfy sharing anything as a template or strong points to drive home that would be really great. I'm interested in exploring social media avenues to target both anglers & commissioners in pro harvest states. The same data points to drive in a letter or email could be used to target social media TL's. People are in an advocacy mood-- they just need some steering.
  5. Got it and understood. Are there commissioners that publicly lean one way or the other? Many thanks
  6. Thanks for the update-- who are some of the players we can blitz with advocacy? I'm hoping I'm not the only one interested to learn who the loud voices are on both sides.
  7. My first experience fly fishing on salt was out of Port O'Connor, TX with a legendary local guide who absolutely kicked my ass. I could not have been less prepared and boy did he let me know! Bad habits from freshwater fly fishing and just lack of general awareness-- and maybe a little hung over-- led to a very humbling experience that ending up being VERY motivating. I can still hear him ribbing me as I tipped him out how many hookups I missed. Everyone works differently but his ribbing was incredibly motivating. He EXPECTED me to be on those Redfish and let me know exactly how I was screwing up. I hear him every time I go out, forever indebted to that man. PS-- What's the protocol for dropping guide's name? If anyone is looking for a Redfish experience in Texas I know just the guy!
  8. Hey are #6 & #8 Available? I'll take'em!
  9. Sounds like you'd love a charter to Block Island
  10. Rafolo! Super interested in the Mach V with the 10wt line if it's available!
  11. Thanks Boss.
  12. I posted about conservation to rattle the cage and shake out my own ignorance and boy am I glad I did. Very cool to meet you here & Looking forward to going deep on your blog.
  13. I am checking this out thanks