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  1. gotchu man. Thank you for the insight for someone just getting into building. Still learning
  2. Whats the tube size for the tip top guide???
  3. I will also recommend the alberto knot. What i've learned from many fishermen from inshore to offshore is that you want a knot that you can tie on in any situation. If you break an FG or PR knot when fishing, what are the chances you will be able to retie it when either the bite is hot or if you are on the boat and the tuna are busting. I know guys who fish tuna that use the uni to uni knot as it basically tightens on itself as you fight a fish. The alberto for your application will make a very small knot that you can cast through your guides with no problems. I recently started using it during the spring when a lot of guys suggested that I stray away from swivels when we were surfcasting for stripers. Now I use it for every species and technique. Fluke off the rocks, bass on the surf, bottom fishing for tog, and even fishing ponds!
  4. Hey everyone, I'm a young angler and been fishing since I was 5 years old. Now that i'm 19 going on 20, i've experience a pretty good variety of fishing in the northeast and down in Florida and have recently fell in love with surf fishing and the gear that needs to be used with it. I liked the challenge of landing large fish from land. I gave me a sense of accomplishment that I am sure many others also share. Besides all that, I want to hear about what everyone else is using and their experiences with the setup they use either their home waters or specifically the Cape Cod Canal. I fish my home waters in New Jersey so the equipment difference is going to be drastically different which is something I was expecting. I am currently using an ODM 9ft 0.5 oz to 3.5 oz paired with a Van Stall VSX150 bailess and is doing wonders for me in New Jersey and is going to probably be my setup for Florida when i take trips down there (might be saving up for a surf setup for florida with the same rod). I am currently looking for a blank that would be around 10ft-11ft suitable for throwing larger plugs, eels, jigs and possibly able to handle the canal. I know trying to make a setup for things back home and it to be usable for the canal is not an easy task and would be seen as being very unreasonable but in a sense I like my rods to be versatile so I can be prepared to fish anywhere up and down the coast. In detail, something that is 10ft-11ft that can handle 2-10 oz would be preferable (I fish with guys that use rods 2-6oz and would like to be in that spectrum). I've been researching blanks from Black Hole, Lamiglas, ODM, and blanks from RH Customs rods which is a builder I may be working with. I would like to use Fuji K guides on the blank in a 8 guide setup similar to my ODM (haven't decided on which guides yet), a low profile reel seat that would fit another vs or maybe the new BG MQ (might get a larger VS that the build will be based off on but will use a higher gear ratio reel for canal). and a grip that isnt too thick. I like my rods to have the smallest profile possible and keep it as light as possible without sacrificing power. All I am really interested in is people's experience with fishing the canal, experiences fishing their favorite custom builds, experiences with rod building, and anything you would like to share that relates to the topic. I am young and I love to learn from people and their idea and perspectives in the sport. Fishing and the equipment involved in the fish they intend to target is something I love to discuss. Feel free to give me your two cent and share your experiences with me and maybe others could learn as well. Thank you!
  5. Off topic question but how are you liking your zeebaas? compared to the vs what are your personal pros and cons for each reel?
  6. A lot of people I fish with who are heading to the canal pretty much jig between 2-5 oz. Im kind of piggy backing off their experience as a point of reference to an extent and was wondering if i could get away with a rod between 2-6 rating. i was thinking of sticking to a reel seat similar if not the same one that ODM uses on their products. i believe its close to the one u are describing because on my DNA paired with my vs150, i hold the rod and reel between my middle and ring or pinky and ring. i live very close to my builder and am able to meet him at his shop to test all the seats available hopefully.
  7. Is there one that you may recommend me trying over the rest? considering i am looking for a setup effective for the canal is there one you would recommend? Besides that i would love to try the other centuries. never really got a change to have one in hand.
  8. I own the nasci 5000 and bg 3500 and used both extensively. i gotta say, the BG is gonna take the cake in that comparison. The nasci is gonna be the superior reel in terms of smoothness but over time the reel started to kind of grind and the spool started to loosen from the shaft. in a course of a year the reel caught fluke, blues, a cownose by accident and a dozen reds which basically put the nail in the coffin for the reel. The spool popped up from the shaft which cause me to break off the biggest red ive hooked ever. it just wasnt up to the task i was fishing. I took good care of it and made sure to wash and oil it consistently. The BG on the other hand is a tank. For the price you get a smooth reel thats tough, reliable, and sturdy. Ive fished it all last fall for bass and through this spring. ive dunked it a few times and its still pretty smooth. I kinda neglected cleaning it time to time as i would fish late and become lazy when i was at school but hell that thing is smooth as hell. In my opinion youre gonna get a better reel at the price getting a BG over the Nasci. the Nasci would prob be better for inshore fluking and schoolie bass or just freshwater in general. Plus the line capacity is not even a fair competition even if we are comparing the reels in similar sizes physically.
  9. I gotta say ODM makes some legit rods. Love my DNA and wouldn't expect anything less for any of their other rods. How you liking it though?
  10. Whats your experience with that blanks? What are you mainly working? What reel did u pair with it? Im just curious for perspective if you dont mind me asking. Will definitely take this into consideration as well as the rest of the blanks mentioned here
  11. Im going to be leaning more towards getting a 2 piece blank. With ever developing technology i believe that having a 2 piece blank nowadays is just as effective as having 1 piece blank. With that being said, yes I do like more of a moderate action of rod. I know that for jigging a moderate fast action rod is more ideal and I am totally okay with that. Im curious what is your go to setup for that area of fishing? I know that there is a tool for every different condition but i guess for the sake of the canal, throwing stick shads, pencils, and jigging big jigs would primarily what i would be focusing on. Also, in terms of a low profile build, it's not really the blank that i want to be low profile. i understand that if im going to fish there its gonna be a heavy rod which means its gonna be a fairly thick blank and thats to be expected. Its just that im going min max my build to where i try to keep the seat and the grips to being as low profile as possible. thin grips like a heat shrink one and a low profile seat. just some things that are pretty much set in stone in terms of setup.
  12. I understand what I am asking for is not a reasonable thing to consider when building a rod. I just was wondering if there was a possibility where I can use a rod for more than one purpose. In terms of specifically the canal, What is your experience with the XRA 1261 blank? What am i going to be expecting or looking forward for in that blank? Other than the old school GSBs i see people use in my area I am kind of in the dark with blanks from lamiglas. I understand that when it comes to jigging rods i would be looking at a moderate fast action rod unlike the moderate rods of typical surf rods but please correct me if I may be wrong Thank you!
  13. I am not willing to openly tell u my location and am not able to pm anyone right at this moment but basically south jersey in the winter and summer and north fall and spring due to school. Once i am able to work something out with private means of communication I will disclose some information with you. Besides that, what do you have that i may be able to try?
  14. Hey Bob I actually own the 7ft MH Nexus rod in a spinning configuration and my father uses the 7'6ft rod. We both have used it for pretty much a year now and I have a pretty good opinion on the rods and how differently they perform. For the most part, the guys saying the tip of the Nexus rods as being soft are not wrong. It is a soft tip indeed. Its totally not ugly stik level of soft but compared to other fast action rods such as a St croix mojo or the loomis rods they are noticeably soft. We mainly use these rods as our go-to inshore rod for fishing jetties, piers, or for back bay for fluke, small bass, and anything that comes along. My father hooked into a 30lb cownose my accident last week and the rod handled it very well. We've jigged bucktails up to 4oz in Montauk and caught 8lb fluke flawlessly. There is a noticeable difference between the 7ft and the 7'6ft rod. The 7'6ft rod is heavier in weight and in handling. it is stiffer than the 7ft rod and can handle heavier gear. All in all, both rods are excellent choice for fluke, bass, and even tog jigging on wrecks out front. I used this rod for tog jigging off the jetties although its not the ideal thing to do but I like doing things in an unorthodox way. I hope this helps you have a better understanding of the rod and help you find the rod that you want!
  15. Ive used plenty of brands for different applications. Imho, the jbraid x4 is a decent line for the price. I like it better than spectra powerpro as it is not as rough. Compared to the x8 though it is noticeably rougher and is not as smooth. I mainly use suffix 832 on my surf setup and love it. Its a combination of smooth and strength. I used 20lb x8 down in florida fishing for reds up to 20 lbs and it held up very well. It was my first time using x8 and the smoothness of it was impressive when casting and when the fish made their big runs. Had no issues with the line either breaking or getting roughed up by the rocks on the jetty. Still on the same spool for about a year now and still going strong. I use x4 on my light tog setup and it works fine but i wouldve liked to pay the extra for the x8 from experience.
  16. Hey Kil Song, I came across your rods hearing about them from people in my area. They always talked about the short demos that you do at the edison show where you bend the rods to the limit. I was interested in getting a blank to build where I could use in the Canal, back at home in NJ waters from Cape May to Raritan, and maybe montauk. I know it is not ideal to build a rod so broad in use but i'm going to mostly focus on using it in the Canal and plugging back in the Raritan. Was interested in the Cape Cod 10'6 2-6, the Striper special 10' 1-6 (not sure if thats right), or any rod you would recommend as I am open to anything you would think would be better. I am not going to build anytime soon but want to get an early start at researching my possible options. Thank you!
  17. To me, it's not more of the lure but the assortment of colors of the lures. Yes, there are times where a certain color works better than most but, in a sense, I believe the big assortment of colors specifically in the SP minnow and Hydro minnow case, there are a lot of colors that are practically useless in a majority of situations. It's more of an attempt to attract fishermen than fish. If you have a white, yellow, or dark shade lure in your bag, you'll be more than well equip to handle any situation revolving color day or night. Of course the discussion of profiles is another thing but in the case of colors, you will only need the 3. Just my personal opinion but hey throwing a parrot colored SP and nailing fish makes a good tale to tell and looks really good on camera haha