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  1. What’s some history on this one. It was givin to me and I’ve never seen the blackie version.
  2. I usually just free line live bait with it or cut bait for freshwater catfishin
  3. I also have a vintage 704z. What test braid and how many yrds should I use for it. I’ve got 17 lb. mono on it now but it really dont hold enough for a surf reel.
  4. Is 14 braid stronger than 14 mono. If I can get 200 yards of 14 mono on it, how many yards of 14 braid can I put on it.
  5. Can anyone give me some history on this reel. ive searched for the 710 reels and all I can find is info on the greenies. I’d also like to know if I can run braid - what brand and test to use. I’m running Trilene 12lb. XL on it now.