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  1. Was out both Thursday and Friday. Plugs on day one, soaking bait day two. Nada.
  2. Thanks, salty - much appreciated.
  3. I picked up this little guy at a yard sale this morning. Seems to be a well made plug. Any help re: identification is appreciated.
  4. Got it, thanks for the clarification, ged.
  5. Sorry if I'm being dense, but I can't see the G1 by the eye. Can you share specifics? Is it in the eye, or the design around the gills?
  6. Thank you, sir. Just sent the $40.
  7. ManInCharge - any interest in closing this out for $40? (1 and 3, and adding to my other lot?) If this doesn't work for you, then no worries.
  8. Same with me. I have no dog in this fight, but I'll share my experience for the benefit of other SOL'ers. I don't know MrB except that I've bought from him twice. First time was soft plastics & Hogy epoxy jigs, and more recently some pencils. For my two transactions, I had no issues. Items were as described. I'd buy from him again.
  9. I'll take 3, 8, and 11, please.
  10. 11, 12 and 14, please.
  11. Got it. Thanks for letting me know. GLWS. Nice looking plugs.
  12. If the Winch cigar from the other thread (#7) is still available, then I'll offer $90 for the cigar plus these three. If that doesn't work, then no problem.
  13. Thanks Califulltilt..., I appreciate the call-out. 3&7 aren't speaking to me the way the others were (but #7 is tugging at me a bit...). I'll sleep on it. Either way, GLWS.
  14. If deal for #6 and #8 falls through, I'll get in line.
  15. So the 7 plugs for $100. If I'm understanding correctly, then sounds good.