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  1. Kent - I looked around, and was able to locate on you toob - searched for "tools of the trade #11" It was a fun/informative video - I've been checking out his other vids as well.
  2. Any left? If so, I'd like 40 for $25.
  3. I'll admit that I'm a little stressed about the direction this discussion took. If I've offended anybody - then I sincerely apologize. That definitely isn't my intention. In case it helps, my SOL story is straightforward. I've fished for years. Mostly freshwater. My family and I vacationed down the Cape in late June. I fished and caught a couple stripers, and I wanted to do more salt water fishing. I joined SOL, got some advice, and upgraded my old surfcasting rod and reel. Now I'm salt water fishing much more often. I went yesterday, and got a little guy. My family and I went to a beach today. We swam. I fished and got blanked. I'm just a guy trying to have some fun fishing, and trying to learn from people on SOL that know a lot more about it than I do. That's it. No other agenda. Phil - I'll PM you in hopes of getting this cleared up. I think/hope there's some misunderstanding.
  4. Avast, a shot across my bow! I can assure you, the OP’s intentions were honorable when starting this discussion. Information was being sought, and info was generously shared. (Maybe more than I bargained for).
  5. Ande makes a pink mono. That may be more visible to the walkers.
  6. Not sure how this happened, but I'm a bit of a Shimano Calcutta collector. I have a few "TEs" (total efficiency") and 2 Conquest DC, in 100 and 200. All cast very well. The drag on a 50 TE is sometimes too weak. I found flipping a bit challenging with all the calcuttas. Possibly user error. I go back and forth re: whether I prefer the TE or DC, but I'd give the DC a slight edge. That said, the brakes on my DC100 didn't work for ~3 weeks. Then it started working again. I chalked it up to my fishing in a heavy rain and thought that I may have let the DC get too wet. Just a theory, I'm not sure.
  7. Cheeckakoe - great pics and thanks for sharing the story. Your grandfather even had a little spinner at the end. It is art, but he was thinking about catching fish. I picture your grandmother saying "who keeps taking all my clothepins?!?"
  8. My "new to me" Rod is 10'6", 2-6 oz., and I picked up a used VR175 on BST (upgrade from my 25+ y.o. Penn 105C). Gear ratio appears to be 4.8:1. 50 lb braid with 30 lb Ande leader. I occasionally go chucking with one of my brothers. I know this is likely a mistake, but I was looking for a set up that I could use for lures (when I go by myself) and also for the occasional chunking with my bro. (now he gets the 105c). I know the rod is beefy for SPs and such, but I've been using it for those anyway. That said, I had some casts that felt right with Charlie Graves and Point Jude tins. I'm not looking for any spot burning (truly) but I'm still scouting locations, so it's a bit challenging to answer the questions about conditions and current. The CC canal is a bit of a drive (and damn crowded when I drove through ~3 weeks ago) so the locations I've found so far are from beaches and rock piles. There are some jetties in the area so that'll be in the mix for me. So regular tides, but no significant currents, so far at least.
  9. Wonderful feedback. Very much appreciated. Some have made the very fair point that more homework is needed, and some have shared their knowledge so I'll be in a better position to make good decisions once that homework is further along. Jonesg was kind enough to send me some equipment. I'm humbled by that kind of kindness. I'm also a big believer in getting out there fishing, and having fun. Was out of the house at 4am this morning. Threw everything I carried with me (SP, deadly dick, rapala, point jude, magic swimmer, Charlie Graves). I ended up catching a little guy on a Charlie Graves. And I had a blast. Thanks again, my SOL friends, for sharing your time, knowledge, and generosity.
  10. I was thinking, wouldn't it be fun to catch a striper on a wooden plug. I started doing some research, and was plunged headlong into a sea of manufacturers and styles that had my head spinning. I've read about Gibbs, Mike's, CCW, RM Smith, Afterhours, Beachmaster, and I'm learning terms like Danny, Pikie, Atom 40, Darter, Bottle Plugs, Metal Lips, etc... Then I thought, the SOL community is probably the best resource for this. After all, the SOL motto is "We'll help you catch more fish." So, if I have $100 that I've dedicated to wooden plugs, what's my move? In case it helps, I fish primarily from shore, sometimes from jetties in MA/NH. I'm thinking used, because my research has shown me that some of these plugs are expensive! Been trolling the BST, but admit that I don't really know what I'm looking for. Knowing what you know (since it is more than what I know), what manufacturers, styles and colors are recommended for a guy in my situation?
  11. This observation probably belongs in the Political Graffiti forum, but i think all the pics are a function of the social media phenomenon. If you don't take a picture of it and splash it across facebook/instagram etc., then it never really happened. Maybe this is a "younger generation" thing, but I think it's part of it.
  12. Alas...I been telling myself to just let this slide. But in the spirit of this being a fishing community, I'll bite. Yes, Reed. I did go fishing last weekend, but not two weeks before that. I got skunked. Since the fishing was pretty good where you were, perhaps we should get in our time machines and meet up so i can have a re-do. Sounds like I may have better luck last weekend the 2nd time around.
  13. Thanks so much, Southcoast. Will do. I've been scouting spots in northern MA, southern NH (as that's a shorter drive for me) but if I plan to make my way to the southcoast/cape area I'll PM you ahead of time in case that works out. Again, much appreciated. Just bought myself some tins (Point Jude and Charlie Graves) so itching to give them a try...
  14. Thanks, Steve. I was kinda hoping the white one was a small Doc - I've wanted to try one. Good luck.
  15. Are the Spooks Heddon, or a different brand? Thanks in advance.