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  1. That was nuts. Kudos to those guys.
  2. Prayers sent. Wish her well.
  3. Fairy Tale of NY. Great tune. Play it every year at Christmas.
  4. Good luck with the cancer screen. Kinda good luck on the spine imaging?
  5. Earlier this month, I got the letter from Blue Cross that led to this thread being started. 47 minutes ago I received an email from MysticParts saying they "found a skimmer code embedded in our store info up on the host servers for our MysticParts.com website." and my credit card is "possibly affected." So twice this month my info has been compromised (that I know about). Once for having health insurance, the other for buying parts for a reel.
  6. Looks like his phone number is on the name plate.
  7. Hope it goes smoothly. Good thoughts sent to you and your wife.
  8. I wasn't successful in digging out the magnets, but I was able to find a new "magnet carriage" (including magnets). I put that in, and it casts like a dream. I have a bunch on conventionals, but always seem to come back to the 525s. Maybe it's just the time spent playing/practicing with that reel.
  9. Sounds good - I'll message you to work out shipping/payment details.
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