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  1. I been trying to build 3 of these rods for the past couple of months. Tinkering with the guide layouts and can't seem to get it right. What I am doing wrong? Right now, the guides are: RV25 36 inch from reel seat KW16 67 inch as choke point then KW12,KW10, KW10, KW10, Tip top. What can I change to improve on distance when using the Saragossa 6000 and fireline 8lbs braid. I can only managed 130-135 yards with a standard overhead cast but I feel that these rods are capable of more with the initial sinker acceleration.
  2. I tried the new layout that ZAfisher recommended and got an extra 5-10 yards with every other input being constant. When I tried with 50lbs braid with daiwa BG5000, there is definitely no more line slapping onto the rod blank like it did before, but the line seems to come off too fast and seems to bunch up waiting to go through the stripper guide. I guess that is normal? Or is the striper guide too close?
  3. A friend of mine got the Tournament Surf Rod (newly released blue rod that replaces the Tournament ballistic). I am building the 33-405 and 35-405 Tournament Ballistic red model. I casted them both. The new blue rod that is H power is exactly the same blank as the 33. The XH variety is the same blank as the 35, and while I am not certain since I don't have it in hand, the XXH is the same blank as the 40. The old red and new blue sections are all interchangeable on the H and the 33, etc. The new version has the reel seat that screws up, so it's okay to install a casting cannon, while the old stock version screws down. They also moved the reel seat position up, with a comfortable 28-29 inches from butt reel foot.. The guides on new rods are exactly the same as the old version.
  4. Guidesnblanks in the UK has some of the best prices due to what Mike Oliver said. Strong dollar flex it muscle. Usually takes 2 weeks to arrive from overseas.
  5. My line flow does looked like a trainwreck, when I test with 30lbs line that I can see. I tested with stradic 5k reel in the past, and I did not feel that it could take the pounding from casting and reeling 5 to 6 oz sinkers. I will try it on the Gosa 5k spool and see. Just have to wait a couple of weeks for some of the guides to come in to clean up the guide train.
  6. Thank you ZAFisher. I will build according to your layout.
  7. Thank you everyone for the input. Would the choke point of 62 inches (58mm spool diameter x 27) be okay from tip of the spool shaft? Angler resource GPS said it should be 50 inches but that seems too close. I am aware that Fireline is not a good distance casting line and open to suggestions. My target species are in the 2-3 lbs range but occasionally I have to battle a 40plus inch bull reds.
  8. Thank you and am so glad you responded. I was copying the factory rod layout guide positions (modified the position a bit with first 2 guides) with exact same number of guides. The factory rod uses low riders with 6 guides + tip (20, 16, 12, 10, 8, 8, then 10tip). My reel seat position is 30 inches from the butt and factory rod is about 29inches. 130 yards is casting with a only a 5.6 oz bank sinkers. I FG 30lbs fireline to 8lbs fireline just enough to wrap about 6 times around my spool. The 36 inch from reel seat is measure from the spinning reel foot. The reel foot is roughly 760mm from the end of the butt.
  9. Wow, that is some serious distance with 3 oz sinkers. Will this blank be able to handle 5 or 5.5 oz comfortably? I fish for pompano in Texas and I can maybe manage 135-140 yards on the 12ft Speedmaster using 8lbs fireline braid.
  10. Long time reader and first time posting. I fished the same Texas Jetty with KilSong at for a few months this spring. He is one of the nicest fisherman around. Yes, he may have promoted his rod on this site that may annoyed some, but he never did promoted his brand while fishing at our Texas Jetty. *