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  1. Problem with clear coat flaking off means ther was not a good bond to begin with. You can possibly pic off the rest with a razor blade, sand and re finish with premagloss. Have a Lami like yours, I’ve elected to leave it as is, works fine.
  2. Did the same as yesterday. Skipped first light and drove until I found birds. First two times I found them the boat jockies wrecked it. Finally got a spot where the birds were right on the beach. Hour and half got 14 shorts and toad at 37”! Head west and found them again 2 slots to 34” and 2 shorts before they got to far away. Made another jump got 6 more shorts. Soaked and tired.
  3. Burned some gas and did 7 miles of walking today. Worked the beach at dawn for an hour, not even a touch. Took a drive and found birds close. Got out and they were moving fast! Got close to them and landed 2 slots to 30”and a short. They moved out to far and that was that. Drove back and forth all morning until noon, found the birds again at the same spot! Walked out and got a 31” slot but could not keep up. Tried to head them off and had to jump twice to get ahead of them. Got onto them good for 2 hours, landed another slot and 16 shorts.
  4. Got ya. Parabolic and thin walled is pretty much a unicorn. Most thin walled blanks will be mod fast to fast action ODM might be the only other choice Like you said best to go give them a wiggle and see what might work.
  5. The Stealth 1325 blank weighs in at 8.4 oz. not much lighter then a one piece GSB. Understand you are looking for that moderate action for a build but if you need to save weight look at the sling shot or a surf machine elite. Went through this yesterday, my 1201L set up NCG needs a guide repair. Broke out my old 1201L COF rod. It was heavy in hand compared to the NCG rod but it works pencils way better. NCG rod weighs 12 oz. vs the COF rod at 16 oz. Definitely love the NCG rod a lot more. Much like your self thinking about a lighter 10’6” set up with a VS 150 for those long sessions. Problem is most manufacturers do not list the blank weight so making a decision is complicated.
  6. Penn makes a quality reel. Have some that are 40+ years old. If you fish a couple dozen times a year it will be fine for what you do. If you fish 130+ trips a year you will want the VS. No comparison for me, VS
  7. Small window this morning at false dawn. Landed 2 slots 32”&34” and one short on pencil. Picked another short a little while later. Burned some gas looking for birds close to the beach. Every time (5) I saw them close I would get there and they were gone. Took a break and went back out at 1:30 to find birds, peanuts and bass on the shore. 2.5 hrs of blitzing bass. Landed another 4 slots to 31” and another 14 shorts all on bucktails. Left them chewing.
  8. G90H2. My first reel surf rod. Rated 1/2 to 3 oz. This rod was way ahead of its time. I re wrapped the guides with BLNG’s and moved the reel seat back a few inches.
  9. Returned to Saturdays outing, not even a hit. Drove west found birds but not close enough. Skunked.
  10. I just rinse with water and let air dry. Once it’s too cold to use the hose rods get cleaned in the spring. Really no need to winterize them. A rinse after every trip is good enough.
  11. I do 12,000 + steps a day at work. Fishing is a cake walk. Only kidding. Did 6 hours fishing yesterday, my back was jacked! Passed out at 8 PM last night. A long day of fishing is better than a long day of work anytime. My body is broken at this point in my life, any time I can get out is time well spent. Enjoy every minute, growing up has let me down. Tomorrow is not a given. Season is not over yet, get out there and enjoy!
  12. Looking forward to this!
  13. Lami rated it to 12 oz. at one point. It’s a 2 to 5 oz. blank.
  14. I don’t take any for the table but yes looking like that time is running out.
  15. Pretty good day today despite the west wind and the cold. Did a long session today, 6 hours. Landed 38 bass 20” to 26” on BT and teaser combo. 2/3 of the bass hit the teaser. Had many hits and dropped some too. Only double header