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  1. Agree, remove damaged areas to the blank, and to the next full cork ring. Split new rings in half, epoxy and then re shape.
  2. Anyone can pledge to anything they want. Good for you, good for me. Fact of the matter is many anglers don’t even abide bye the regulations. Snag and drop, see it daily. Keeping over and under slot fish, see it daily. If this pledge makes you feel good about fishing then that’s great. Can we all pledge to give the A H***S a hard time about the regulations! Sorry if I offend anyone, I practice catch and release and yes I’m sure a few of those fish didn’t make it. I’d still rather catch a bass and release it before the next guy has the chance to kill it. Apparently most of us would love to save the bass, feel strongly it doesn’t start with a pledge.
  3. I was just thinking about selling off my spinfishers (4300-6500 & 700’s) then I see something like this. They all work perfect, think I will keep them.
  4. What is this about? I read what you wrote. You stated you didn’t care if they warrantied the rod or not. How long have you had this rod? Yet you want a response from a company because you want a free rod because you were too cheap to buy one at full price. I understand a whole lot about where you are coming from, don’t need to read slower. Please move on and buy an ugly stick, those don’t break. And yes they are still in business seen lots of their rods and blanks at the tackle store today
  5. Here’s another thought. You bought a rod on clearance, didn’t pay full price and are dissatisfied with lack of warranty claim and the fact it broke. Most clearance rods have a one year warranty. Rather than bash Lami here move on and buy a St.Croix or ODM. There is more to your story than “I call it like I see it”.
  6. Larry Dahlberg had described the phases many years ago on his TV show. His last phase was “ you catch them the way you want to catch them”. In either case, I think you will find many anglers who bridge several of these phases not just one.
  7. While I will admit that the fishery is not what it was, I have no desire to change direction at this point and time. Everyone loves when the Bass are jumping on to hooks. I like it when they are not. The challenge is more rewarding to me. Still catch plenty of bass. Sorry to say I don’t give a lot of thought about the future of bass fishing or myself for that matter, Just ridding it all out. Tomorrow is not promised to anybody, I just try to get through today.
  8. So, you have a bag with a shoulder strap you want to cut off so you can wear it on your shoulder with a new strap?
  9. My bad, thought you had Legends for some reason.
  10. The fact that levari is defending Lamiglas while he is St.Croix fan makes him a unbiased consumer. He is being a voice of reason. For every one unhappy Lami customer I’m positive there are dozens who are happy. To call the product crap is ridiculous. If warranty is the most important factor in your rod purchase than please buy St. Croix. Any rod can break from any manufacturer, seen them all broken. Never had an issue with Lami’s warranty as I have broke two and they were replaced. Have nearly 20 other Lami’s that never have let me down. The rods I have don’t need a warranty.
  11. Weed was a problem again today. Hope it clears out soon
  12. Technique will improve distance. The faster action rod may help you achieve what you are looking to do. If you work on your casting into the wind by letting the moderate rod work for you (don’t over power the cast) and lower your trajectory you should gain some distance. I dislike faster action rods only because they eliminate other techniques I like to employ. Others may have a different experience
  13. Can’t wait! Especially the hate part! Half the guys I saw today were throwing diamond jigs! Got to love it to hate it!
  14. As most of us do, we like to air our sour grapes here. If anyone hasn’t noticed almost every company is having these issues not just Lami. JoelJ, you were not sold a broken rod as new. What ever that is at the break is not an indication of a repair or an attempt to fix a defect. If it is epoxy it might be excess from the butt cap installation, I doubt it would climb that far up though. The bottom part of the blank is the strongest part of the rod. I’ve seen breaks at the reel seat from casting stress. For that break to occur there had to be extreme stress to that area. Weather it’s a defect or user error I can’t say for sure.