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  1. Power Pro original for me. Never had a problem. Like 832 as well. J braid gave me knots on my VS 150. I use what works for me no need to change.
  2. One time I was waste deep casting out front. A wave came in and hit me in the chest. Not normally a big deal but right after there was a large splash with two fins coming out of the water. **** my pants! Though I was dead! It was a Mola Mola!
  3. I’ve never done KR set up and I’m sure it’s great. That said I’ve built surf rods with single foot guides and while the work fine I will be going back to double foot. A custom rod is just that, custom to the user. If distance and recovery is your thing then KR is your fit. For me I like durability and a slower recovery for pencils ,poppers and buck tails. Also like a larger ring to pass mung and weed. Everyone is different and what is optimal for one is not for another. I though the same about the 30 to 25 transition but sometimes it looks off even if you use the straight line test to the choke. As long as there is no slap it will work fine. BTW, still like COF best for pencil popping.
  4. My 71, bought this when I was 18, spent a year on a frame off when I was 20. That was 34 years ago.j
  5. I’m with Pak on this one. Dive belt, cheap and works great. Have one with plastic buckle that’s almost 30 years old. Buckle finally broke when I closed my tailgate on it. Bought a replacement for $3.99. Also have one with the stainless buckle.
  6. This^ l do use a lighter to soften the epoxy but it’s not necessary. After I rock the guide out and remove the remaining thread at the guide foot, I pick at the rest of the thread to get a tag to pull. As you pull the tag the epoxy wil fly off (watch your eyes). This is where a little heat helps.
  7. Winter fishing is tough but it can be done, First pic was a March fish, second was a January bass that I did not hook. Have got them in February as well. Ice is the biggest problem. Look for sunny days near 40* for the high and fish late afternoons. Small jig heads 3/8 and under with 4” paddle tail. Crank real slow.
  8. Antek, your right. Same as bluefish. I always associated the spring arrivals of adult bunker in the bays as a spawn event. It just seemed natural that they show up in April and there is peanuts in the bay all summer.
  9. I’m gonna say real. My guess is that this is not predation but rather a feeding frenzy accident.
  10. LowEnd

    Plug bag

    I use both the belt loops and shoulder strap. Bag is on the belt pretty tight and the shoulder strap keeps the whole thing from dropping too low. If the bag and belt drops low and I feel the weight on my shoulder a simple re-adjustment makes it comfortable again. Also went to a single 2.5 bag to carry less stuff from 3 and 4 tube bags. Shoulder pain is no longer an issue.
  11. Can’t have peanuts without the adults. I know adult bunker was there in August into the beginning of September where I fished. Not a ton but some descent schools.
  12. There had to be some bunker in the sound, had several nice peanut bites in September and October.
  13. Got lucky on this one. Was able to push the barb out past the tip of my finger and cut it off. Back right out, didn’t even hurt.
  14. LowEnd

    Solo or Group

    I do both. Like company but also like solitude.
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