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  1. Thx for your comment . I do have a manual bilge pump I use after rain water gets in bilge channel... still figuring out how rain water gets there. . The flaps seem to work OK when the boat is mored and I put the plugs in when using the boat. . I have a console cover on order Thx again...cheers!
  2. Thx MKUS and Riddler: I am leaving drain plugs out and let the flaps take care of rain water when moored....plug the drains when using the boat. Still trying to isolate how rain water gets into the bilge tube when on my trailer or moored with plugs out? Latest problem is that the circuit breaker to right of the battery switch is breaking causing nav lights not too work...does not effect ignition???? wish I could find a wiring diagram of my console.... Thx this boat in the chop on my lake....
  3. 1. The cable hole looked suspect for sure. I was thinking of removing the rubber boot on it and see if I can somehow make it more waterproof when I reassemble it....maybe fabricate a longer boot. 2. Yes, I keep it fully drained when on the trailer especially during winter storage in northern NY. 3. Another question: have you replaced the deck drain scupper flaps, etc. with any better after market product you would recommend? 4. I am going to replace the stock seat....too low and no back rest Thank you ever so much for your time. So far I am liking the boat.
  4. I just purchased a 2010 Maritime 1480 Sport Skiff w/40HP Yamaha 4 Stroke in excellent condition (24hrs on it). I have never had a self-bailing cockpit before. I think I understand how it is supposed to work. When it rains the cockpit drains fine via the rear scupper drains both when moored or on my trailer. My problem is the the underfloor well area also fills up! I checked the rear cover to the well and it is watertight. I checked the cable hole under the console and it did not look like surface water entered there. I end up hand pumping the bilge area when moored and removing the drain plug when on my trailer. The plug does not leak. There is no water in the bilge when docked for several days without rain. Is my senior brain missing something very obvious?? I cannot find a Maritime owners manual. HELP! thx.