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  1. Fished the island from boat this time, 12 striper, 4 keep size all in about 2 hours
  2. correct, for fluke I run a high low with a fly teaser, buck tail on bottom and 5'' gulp on both. scup just your standard high low 3oz sink with clams. I bring multiple rods to hit both top and bottom when I go often
  3. yes, sure have. Only setback was a group of about sixty high school kids trying to act cool drinking their "Truly" lemonade who crashed my spot around 9pm until midnight, they were climbing the tower, smoking weed , standing behind my cast (was hoping I would hook one) when I landed a fish they were trying to get down and take selfies with it as I'm trying to unhook it, stepping on my gear (I lost it on them at that point). bunch of greenwich kids that mommy and daddy dropped off on the island .
  4. trip was a great success, my friend only lasted to midnight before he retired to vehicle, I fished non stop from 3p to 7A with 20 slot or near slot striper, a few fluke scup BSB and blues as well , but was a great experience and thank you for everyone for your help including one member who called me and walked me through the island. Thank you so much all!
  5. "commando" run the block last night 20 slot or near slot stripers , 3 fluke all inch short, plenty of scup during daylight hours one BSB all before midnight, bite slowed at 1, then picked up back again around 4 with bass and blues
  6. northern kingfish? Never heard of that up here or even seen one thats awesome
  7. agree with almost everything posted above. my experience has been the bonito have hit me on the white albie snax , green mack sp minor, and deadly dick
  8. Great advice so far from everyone some even contacting me direct much appreciated my friend and i decided to do what was suggested by many and get spot on the 3p ferry Wednesday with our suv it will make life much easieras noted by many i have talked over everyone' recommendations and feedback on what each location presents and i think we have a pretty good gameplan hopefully we'll have good luck ! Thank you again all
  9. i would be surprised honestly considering today the water was unexplainably cloudy considering it did not storm and a fair amount of weeds so if one was landed my guess is it was blind and a loner versus a school
  10. fished the jetty today, saw a group of our favorite friends leaving, noticed they left a squid box and clam pack behind , I said "hey you guys left something" they looked back and said first "we no need that anymore" which I told them that it doesn't matter they still need to pick up their trash . He then said "oh that is not mine" I said he is full of it and pick up his trash or we will lose the fishing spot, they picked it up. I went up and down the jetty and told all the groups today that I saw trash at that if they do not pick up their trash the locals will shut the place down and LITERALLY every group except one said the trash is not theirs. Called DEM to tell them the issues, they said they can't enforce litter issues but would make a note (but you can enforce parking???) as I was walking out, saw a guy filleting three WAY undersized fluke right there, called DEM and they suddenly had the manpower for that and arrived shortly after. I have always respected law enforcement but they are a complete joke at this point there needs to be a major overhaul
  11. three seals at the mexican jetty killed all the fishing today
  12. planning what I have been told since I moved here is a "Must" and that is to do an overnight shore casting trip on the block, sunset to sunrise. Only fished from boat at block so this will be a completely new venture. Planning an overnight rental of moped to get to spots easier. I intend to take two rods in the 9-10'' class both are two piece so transportation will be easier. Looking for suggestions as to other things to consider from people who have done this, and a little more of an understanding of the area to better prepare. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated
  13. you fished at the yellow submarine? the yellow submarine? the yellow submarine?
  14. nothing but more picky macks at trash depot , south of the border and a few baby bsb on sibiki rig
  15. I come from a motocross background , where I'm from there was always a fight with neighbors about noise, and once that spot was lost, even if it was on legally zoned property, it was lost forever and the riders suffered, regardless of the revenue that holding races brought in for these tiny trash towns. Same concept here, people need to remain educated on these matters, not be afraid to attend town meetings, sign petitions, get out door to door if need be, from my experience that is the only way we succeeded in the MX world, and even then sometimes the towns would take by eminent domain (talk about a terrifying concept, look up eminent domain if unfamiliar)