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  1. Why dont we rehab our trash can girls from woonsocket and release them into the wild of mystic. Fair trade no ?
  2. Hundreds Have you seen how many they pack in the Toyota minivans ????
  3. Have you been to ft wetherell recently??? The rocks are peppered with. BLM propaganda bull**** and " f trump " I cant wait till I'm there the day one of these hippie clowns spray a rock in front of me
  4. And they leave a ten man limit of scales all over the place from their fat wife slicing them up
  5. If you really want to avoid the trash dumping tent pitching 30 person group scup slayers just go to block island. Cant pay for the ferry in ebt or pesos Side note has anyone else figured out they only bring these large groups to increase their catch limit ? These clowns will wheel out granny with her oxygen tank if it means a few extra scup
  6. Yeah the same ones that leave dirty diapers on jetties, and yell at me that "this isn't your country anymore " when I yelled at one for stealing my spot when I turned around to tie on a new bucktail......
  7. Tony has been in the area yes. Hawks and osprey. Easy confusion
  8. Was out today during slack. Zilch. No bait or anything either no signs of life at all
  9. I'm mostly tag and release
  10. Those are some nice sizes from shore too !!!!
  11. Had a greatttttt fall for tog but have never bothered for them in the spring since I came up here. Always been more excited to get into early stripers but now my mindset is to wait until end of April or may for striper and try for spring tog. I'll be from shore. Do people find them more picky in spring? Same habits? Places ? I'm probably headed to newport friday to give them a shot. Any input is appreciated
  12. I haven't been to ct in over a year. Sorry #fakenews
  13. I used to use a drone in the early days of the djii phantoms to film mx races unfortunately learned a valuable lesson on battery life. These do not have great battery lives and once it's gone it just drops out of the sky mine dropped right in front of a tire which then promptly turned it into scrap. My suggestion if you venture out far into water put flotation on it so it will not sink if the battery decides to quit
  14. Talked to him today guys. He finally got to get out and fish with all his new gear didn't catch anything but loves all his new gear. Paired his donated reel with a donated rod. used only lures sent to him. Used his gift cards to buy a tackle box to fit them all. He's a happy kid right now. If anyone on here is an attorney that would be willing to help out. Not to divulge personal information but his father's family are withholding money and dads property from the son. They are really fighting him on this which is absolutely shameful. so if anyone is an attorney that deals with this stuff PM me Again he is coming up to block island june 17-21. For anyone interested in fishing with us
  15. So its confirmed we have gotten him to be able to come up june 17 to 21 we will all be staying on block island and fishing thru the night for anyone that wants to come up say hello and join us. In the process of trying to find a charter that may want to take him out out of there. PM me for more details