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  1. If you just need them to last 1 night, I’ve consistently kept them alive by putting them in Large glass Tupperware (with Saranwrap holes poked throughout) and popping them in the fridge. I put 1 small ice cube in there to keep them moist but not drown them. a lot less work than the bucket method. Need a rag to hook them, pretty easy.
  2. LOL’d at zebco. Though I am new to SOL, I have frequented other forums in the past and this one would be truly bizarre. Is the OP a cop???
  3. Cannot comprehend assaulting another adult over a fish. Some people go out looking for it. Never matured past 16
  4. If anyone wants to actually try it out shoot me a PM. Will be out Tuesday evening.
  5. Would love to learn more about sand tigers in the Saugus river. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

    I love revere beach, and have caught quite a few fish there. Tough place to fish but all to myself!

    i really appreciate this post. 


  6. RE sharks. I saw a big explosion (far too large for a bass) about 500 yards out while scanning the horizon on Wednesday last week. Also saw a single large seal poking its head out while on the kayak about a month ago. Scared the **** out of me
  7. My home beach and have fished it at least 100 times this year. Please, there are no fish there There’s something about catching where no one else fishes and passerby’s favorite quote is “are there really fish in here?”
  8. First two days at the canal yesterday/today. The hype is real. That being said, I witnessed my first canal line crossing arguments. It was between a googan and a fat guy wearing a “who farted?” T shirt (who was actually a good fisherman but a bit of a talker). Priceless stuff
  9. I saw what I believed to be blues on bait yesterday. Did not look like bass breaking on some of the bait schools... but I didn’t catch any
  10. Thank you. That makes a lot of sense. I get directionally confused when talking winds
  11. Strange day on the water yesterday. On one of the hottest days of the year, the water temps dropped about 10 degrees (I think) in shallow water off a public sandy beach. That brought the fish back in close to shore and we had a killer day. Bass crushing schools of large bait for hours on end, not sure what kind though. Can someone explain this phenomenon to me? There is no current to speak of on this beach...
  12. Thanks for the info. Awesome work. Makes all those skunks seem worthwhile - you’re living the dream, enjoy it man.
  13. Looks incredible. Nice work!
  14. First fish in weeks this morning in a rip near the Saugus river. Got 3 on clams, they were hitting the sp minnow but no hookups.