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  1. It really doesn’t get much better than that as a fisherman.
  2. As far as fish: got my pb on a 12in white sluggo on june 17. Got another similar size but no weight or measure. This one came out to 47’ and 40 something pounds (estimated)
  3. May new moon very good, June full moon very good but less hook ups, after that, ******
  4. I will have to pick up a compass and some flares, and start actually wearing my PFD. I hooked a 44’ fish while wetsuiting standing on the edge of a drop off 2 weeks ago. It pulled me into the water and the swells started inching me out. Not cool. I loosened the drag and swam back to the bar, and somehow still landed the fish. Wild and scary.
  5. Man, it stinks that this will be all over in a couple years. So many fish going down the drain. Can see it happening in real time.
  6. Slowed down in a major way after the moon passed
  7. TBH I was borrowing a friends, I don’t have one. It was only after the fact that I realized it only went to 30lbs
  8. Got a high 40in fish near boston tonight. Bottomed out the 30lb boga. They’re here. No photo, was wetsuiting. Fish at night if you are having trouble.
  9. I’ve been getting them since first week in May - have to fish the right tides or stumble upon a blitz
  10. A lot of fish around. Great start to the season. Got into some upper slots today. So fun.
  11. Have found a pretty consistent schoolie bite over the last couple weeks. Nothing bigger than 26’. All on bucktails and Al gags. Hopefully this moon/weather will push some slots in. Ready for some open beach topwater…
  12. Found a spot at the mouth of a river out of the wind. Saw some bait pouring in, had a bump on a bucktail but nothing else. There were some decent 24in fish mixed in
  13. Got into a topwater bite for about half an hour before sunset. Great way to start the season!
  14. Fish was out of the water for less than a minute after a short fight with tight drag on the VS. Swam away strong
  15. Since I am marrying a Jersey girl, I’ll be spending more and more time here fishing. We met with the wedding planner on Friday - went well. thoughts from an out of towner: 1. I met a handful of surf guys that were incredibly friendly. Nice people all around, no dickheads. Overall, that was the most pleasant surprise of this trip. A lot of good fishermen who were more than welcoming. 2. certain spots have an enormous amount of trash. Insane. Saw 3 dead schoolies on the beach that were clearly just kept out of the water for too long for pictures. Lots of people keeping fish. It reminded me of the cape cod canal at times, but less people. 3. this is a special fishery. I caught a bunch of slots and one 37’ fat girl swinging darters. Big one came on the zig-zag blurple before first light