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  1. Tie a dropper loop in the leader (least that’s what I do, then attach fly on a tiny TA clip)
  2. Got into another bite tonight and left them rolling. Insane amount of bait (bay anchovies?). 15-26’
  3. First blue from the surf, and it was a good one. Low tide incoming. Got into a bunch of 26-27 bass afterward.
  4. Bait guys catching consistently, no bait for me this year so only 2 fish so far. One on mini spook and one on a teaser fly.
  5. Got my first one ever with a clouser behind a swim shad yesterday. Swim shad in front.
  6. Thanks for sharing these stories.
  7. Done as of yesterday - second Pfizer. Other than a sore arm, no side fx. I am 31 years old so I expected at least something. There are far more vaccines available now than interested patients. I walked into the Hynes a half hour early and was done within a minute. Easily the most well-run healthcare operation I have ever seen.
  8. Thanks guys very helpful as usual.
  9. I recently bought a near new Volkswagen SUV. I keep a 10 ft 2 piece rod in the back, along with my bag and a few extra tackle boxes, and sometimes waders. I’ve looked at weathertek/VW website and I can only find rubber mats that protect the trunk area - I need something to protect the entirety of the back space with the seats down. any suggestions? I’d like something that I can remove and clean easily. Thanks! justin
  10. First fish of the year tonight, estuary outgoing. no hits for hours, threw al gags, pencils, bucktails. First cast on a 4in spook - 12in fish. Absolutely pumped. lost him at my feet but I’m going to count it!
  11. Hit the end of the outgoing and 3 hours of the incoming yesterday morning. No hits. Did see one jump though. Probably mid 20in
  12. Stripes are back. Little guys in an estuary tonight on the incoming. Couldn’t get them to chew.
  13. Town is giving the permits to residents at no cost (though I don’t like the idea of meters at all, either). I’ve lived here now for a few years - it’s quite nice for the most part, actually. I will give the DCR credit for keeping the sand clean daily. Before I moved here I had heard nothing but bad things - sort of happy it still has that reputation, because most of the time I have the beach to myself when I fish. -Justin
  14. Just got Pfizer’d. I am actually overjoyed, didn’t think I would be. Almost passed out on the walk to the observation area, but that’s because I’m a ***** about needles
  15. State is now saying that no revere residents will be charged for parking.