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  1. Can you please give more detail of the material used and how you did it? What size washer did you use?
  2. Cool. Struggling to find a rail system that fits. That’s not 500 bucks
  3. Does anyone have any experience with domsson plugs?
  4. I’m looking for a Hobie kayak cart for my ‘14 outback. Thanks
  5. Yeah I’m bummed. He was my main damey.
  6. That was Thanos. Not bill gates
  7. Words to live by.
  8. Amen on the pool ring. The pool ring saves your O-ring!
  9. Yeah man. You def dodged a bullet. I recently bought a 2014 outback mirage that I’m fveet happy with but it’s def an older boat.
  10. Thanks yeah I got a load of those. Will use for sure
  11. Thank you Plugs. Just copped some 24” tman
  12. Thank you bro!
  13. What size tubes do you guys use?
  14. That’s a great looking boat! Congrats!