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  1. My mojo did it too. St.croix is really great with their customer service though!!!
  2. ^^ Dna rods are awesome for the money!
  3. factory. Got it a month ago.
  4. Im on long Island. Got a 1201l GSB that I used only once. It is rated 1-3 and basically brand new. Let me know!
  5. I will be purchasing one after reading that you helped the design, hopefully it helps you a little, I love your channel! Thanks Scooby!
  6. I have tried the dm and actually really liked it. Everything you mentioned throwing it could throw. I had a custom nex1 built and you would be surpRised what a custom could feel like. I honestly did not notice casting difference with a modern layout or old school, not to pat myself on the back but I believe I am a pretty solid caster. In my opinion I would rather buy a rod with some sort of warranty if you are going to go with a factory rod, the Dark Matter isnt cheap. I would maybe try the new seage rod from st.croix. It looks solid and they have a great support team behind them. Or even a factory ODM! Good Luck!
  7. a 4k bg mq is nice on there. Also a vr50 fits well too!
  8. For the surf I prefer no bail all day. But for smaller applications on smaller setups...idk I like a bail. I could probably wright a whole paper on all of the reasons honestly haha. This bailess 5500 does look sweet though!
  9. The Carbon Surfs are USA made? Wow I thought they were made elsewhere....Anyways yes they are nice rods for the $$. Picking between that and the ODM dna series would be a close one
  10. My uncle got a nice striper on one of these last fall. He bought it because it looked cool lol. I might have to check these out they are surely something you don't see on Long Island at least.
  11. check out the odm genisis line. I have an 8 footer that is pretty sweet, and everyone seems to love their 10s. Its a 50/50 split, a little more money than the saltx im pretty sure but its pretty sweet I think you would like it!
  12. The saltx is awesome for the money. I would still have mine if I didnt get a custom rod built. Good Luck!
  13. I love my 8 foot but for the ten I just did not like the skinny wrap straight on the blank. With a vs200 on it would have driven me crazy lol. I went for a 1201m. The wrap on the DNA series is much nicer in my opinion but thats just me.
  14. How would this pair up with a vsx200? I would be using it on sandy beaches/jetties on bigger wind/wave days. I have a custom 9.5 nex1 with my 150 and would like a more heavy setup for those situations. This rod has my eye but I am worried about it being too light.
  15. I love the staun deflators. Saves so much time and easier on the knees lol. They are worth every penny!!