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  1. is that an extended arm? If so ill take it. Im in Deer Park Ny
  2. I am close to you in Deer Park. Interested to pick up. Is that an extended arm?
  3. Check out the Odm Nex1. You may really like it. All of you described you would like to do I do with mine. Its a 10 foot 1-5 blank trimmed 6 from the top just stiffen up the tip. I usually have a bucktail on and this way the rod feels awesome BUT my buddy just got a 9 foot 1-5 and it feels even better lol. Good luck man.
  4. mine ate sand and got squeaky real quick however I did buy one of the early ones to come out. My uncle uses a 4000 in the surf and only had a drag clicker issue which was taken care of by tsunami very quickly. He never has had any other issues with line lay or smoothness. I just went the vs route...He has used his about 3 seasons now. He isnt dunking it but fishing sandy beaches. Good luck!
  5. Of course...I always appreciated help from the older guys if I could pass it on why not. Try keeping an eye on the facebook groups. Sometimes guys give these things away. I paid less than $500 for mine it was sealed in the box. I would do it agai, but...there are a bunch of super nice vsx reels that are for sale for just a bit more. Just a thought..
  6. I have a #5 that I have been using since the spring...not exclusively but pretty often. I think its great. The faster line retrieve is super nice compared to my 150 (which I still love). I took on a bunch of sand today in the surf and I dunked it to get the sand out. Seems perfectly fine. I always rinse my stuff down after use so I dont think there should be any issues but who knows. Feels super solid and still super tight but it has only been about a season with it so time will tell. I did recently add some oil on the main shaft and some cleaned the bearings in the handle part that attaches to the reel. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Keep in mind this is just me....Good Luck
  7. its so good at so many styles its crazy. I personally liked mine better than my I sold the evo lol.
  8. Take a look at the nex1. I have had mine for 2 years and absolutely love it. Im going to have a couple new ones built this winter. I mostly fish the sand but do fish jetties and have dropped it, broke a guide once while trying to unhook a 16 inch eel I snagged lol. Rod still hasnt broken and its my main rod. If you are on li you could give mine a shot. It throws 3/4 ounce bucktails all the way up to 4 is the most I have thrown and it recovers nicely.
  9. Im starting to like my nex1 over my evo I had built after...Might sell the evo and do another nex1 lol
  10. Try a nex1 blank. I have a 1-5 cut from a 10 foot blank to a 9 foot 6 inch length. It throws everything. Its super light and has lots of power...It has lots of backbone too. That Dna rod is nice though!
  11. I had the dark matter skinner rod for a while before my custom was done. I really liked it. Super nice rod man
  12. Most of my fishing on the south shore of Long Island is with my vsx150, 20lb. PP. 40lb fluro leader, on my 10' Nex1 cut 6 inches from the tip. When the wind is blowing and the surf is big I like the 10' evolution with the vsx200. Ive played around with many different rods and I am always grabbing my nex1. I also have a 9 4 lami 1321m for the jetty once in a while I have fun with that. Just me though.
  13. I am on board with him as well! I switched from a 10 wt rio obs to the airflo saltwater and I enjoyed it much much more. I had a new spool ordered to get a floating 10wt now.....issue is im not sure which line to get lol. I was looking at the 444 but I may stick with the airflo in a floating version. This thread is great.
  14. Yes thank you. Im still new to fly fishing but have learned a lot on here. Now I have to dial my casts in but the winter trout fishing was a good starting point I think lol