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  1. Im going to pass at this time
  2. How much for the musso
  3. Its great to see dec enforcing the regulations
  4. Sorry will not happen again
  5. 100 for the boga shipped
  6. Ok
  7. If dtracy43 is ok with that i can do the holder for 40 and the boga for 110 shipped
  8. I was really looking to sell ws a set
  9. I have a 30 the numbers are painted Fluorescent green with a Flatlander holder 140 shipped 130 picked up or trade
  10. The bumper was on a k5 blazer but it will fit any square body chevy $600
  11. Fishing live eels with a circle hook results in 9 out of 10 missed fish
  12. I had the same problem with my permits
  13. Im in happy new year
  14. Im going to pass for now than
  15. Are you willing yo ship if so i am interested in the 27