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  1. Hey I understand and really appreciate all u guys advice.I can’t find any casting instructors near me cause fly fishin ain’t that popular around here.For some reason when I put a heavy streamer on I can cast pretty good and don’t even come close to hittin my rod or self.I can’t explain it but I’ve been trying to apply the 180 degree rule and my casting has improved.Maybe I was using to small a practice fly???lol idk.Now just to get a striper to inhale it:)
  2. Ok gotcha:) thanks for the explanation.I did as u said with laying my line behind me and it was angled to my right side(I’m right handed)is that my problem?Its now to the place I’m almost scared of my fly lol but can u do a normal overhead cast with such a heavy sink tip?I can Belgian cast just fine but it bothers me I can’t overhead cast properly.I think it’s harder to haul correctly with a Belgian cast
  3. Ok thanks!One thing I’m slightly confused about is what is the 180 degree principle U where talking about?Is that the line alignment thing u where talking about?
  4. Ok guys I suck at this.I’ve been fly fishing for 2 1/2 yr and have caught lots of trout and can cast a 5 wt just fine.I just built a tfo mangrove 9 wt 9’ and I paired it w a rio outbound short wf9i/s6 (6-7 ips) sink tip for fishing big freshwater stripers and I’m having an awful time casting.My streamer wants to hit my rod or almost sticks in my head.This is not fun and I’m determined to master it.The biggest question I have is at what point of “the clock”should I stop my rod on forward and back cast.I figure it’s different for heavy stuff like this than my 5 wt.Im NOT bending my wrist,and I sometimes add a small haul to speed up the line but it don’t help much.It just streaks even faster past my scared ear.I think I’m just not doing my stop on my casting stroke right.Ok thanks for reading this long long post but any help would be lovely.Thanks guys
  5. Hey thanks for any and all advise!i was throwing a 8” with a 8 wt. but I cannot say it was graceful lol.It was more just lobbing.Do y’all think that a 9 wt is to small for an average of 20-35 lb stripers?
  6. Thanks guys:) I’m a trout fisherman just gettin started in huge fresh water stripers so I’m pretty much clueless...
  7. Hey guys first time here.Im lookin for a 9 wt fly line to fish for stripers.Coldwater,looking for about 4-8’ depth of fishin.Mostly big streamers 6-10” with slight current.Any suggestions?thanks