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  1. I heard of never walking over someone’s rod
  2. 11-12 feet seems to be a good length for surf with bait.
  3. Thanks
  4. Beautiful scenery
  5. Much appreciated
  6. Thanks, I’ll search the topics to see what other technics I can pick up. I’m just very eager to hook up a nice one.
  7. I’ll definitely give it try. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the heads up and honesty.
  9. If I am using cut bait; should I be using a single high low rig?
  10. I’m a semi-newbie fisherman. My dad used to take me fishing Catfish years and years ago, but I never appreciated fishing until recently. Now you can say; I’m hooked. I recently picked up a St Croix Mojo 11ft with a Daiwa BG 6500; I went down to the canal 7 times so far since the pandemic (80 mile drive) tried bait fishing with cut mackerel; tried using Daiwa SP minnow 6 3/4”; was there 5AM to 11AM on some days; 7PM to 11PM on others. After those trips, 2 stripers total, one of which was a keeper at 28”... past to trips last few days were going home with no hits... What am I doing wrong? Is it common to be slow this time of the year? I am a very very newbie to lures and watched videos of people fishing at the canal reeling fast and jerking the rod 7-10 times before the lure comes back, is that a fish biting or just trying to create action? Advice is soo appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
  11. Is the st Croix legend worth the money over the mojo?
  12. Cant go wrong with Daiwa BG 5000 for it’s price