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  1. Also, a slight update: we bumped the cost to $106.50 with the $6.50 covering the cost of CC processing and around $1 left over for other misc fees. Grumpys Tackle is donating a custom rod which will be a Calcutta of some kind. We’re working on some other donations as well.
  2. Hey ATV, Shoot me an email at tupperwarenavy@gmail.com or a text or a call at (808)469-5895 My email only works on this site when someone at’s me. I have no idea how to fix it.
  3. I fished the size 3000 first prototype, extensively. I buried it in the sand, washed it in the surf, and used it for bass and then tog. It’s a huge upgrade over the gen1. When Matt came on, he made a couple of changes and it’s even better. Very impressive reel. Tsunami is really stepping up their game.
  4. They are different blanks. The SaltX had black titanium guides, the forged has SIC. The layouts were done by black cloud bob at Grumpys tackle.
  5. Asbury Park Fishing Club Shark River Surf Anglers Berkeley Striper Club
  6. Thanks for the post, was actually just coming here to post it! After fishing another tournament (that was well run, I just didn't alike how their scoring system was set up) I wanted to make a better one. With all the usual species, and a few that may stay vacant (but I didn't want someone to catch one and not be able to get points for it) You can win catching any species (or most likely combination of) and all of the money will go to the winners (with up to 15% being deducted for the cost of running the tournament, but it should be less then that especially if we can get some sponsors in key areas) We'll be posting more info in the upcoming months, but stay tuned! Also, don't forget to check out our swap meet at the end of march! Scott Tupperwarenavy.org
  7. There are sheep in Monmouth, but they’re very hard to get from land.
  8. There are sheep in Monmouth, but they’re very hard to get from land.
  9. There will be a town council meeting tomorrow at 10 am. If you can attend, please do. While I am against shark fishing due to mortality issues, the line is very easily crossed into banning fishing for bluefish, and eventually, fishing in general.
  10. Is the Kayak Getting water inside the cockpit or inside the hull itself?
  11. There was stipulations with the money they got for replenishment. NJ conserve wildlife was contracted to assess species that are endangered that are currently on the beach or (and this is the part I have a huge problem with) Could appear on the beach. They found several Of the plants on brick beach and wanted to severely restrict beach buggy access. Interestingly enough the plant was also found in Seaside Heights and the township was told they were going to have to shut the beach down and the plant disappeared at the next high tide. So if you think this isn’t going to affect walk on access, you’re 100% wrong. Members of the Berkeley Striper Club, Fisherman Magazine, NJ beach buggy association, and Grumpys Tackle are working with brick Township to find out exactly what we need to appease U.S. Fish and Wildlife to allow beach buggy access as well as walk on access. The feeling is if one town falls and restricts access they will all fall. Thankfully brick Township is on our side on this issue, they don’t want to restrict access and they are working alongside us very willingly and we want to offer them a huge thank you from the Fishing community.
  12. There’s a few, but for some reason they are very sparse north of BI
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