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  1. Shops are limited to 20 gold reels each. If you want one, start trying to get on a list soon.
  2. One Week Away!
  3. Less then two weeks away to sign up!
  4. Here’s a few
  5. It’s time to sign up for the biggest catch and release tournament in NJ! Sign up at any listed tackle shop starting tomorrow! For rules and full prize list, please visit our website at Berkeleystriperclub.org 05/27/2022 - 06/05/2022 open to all public NJ water (Full Rules and regulations on our site) There will be 3 grand prize drawing that every entrant will be entered in to (and you don’t even need to catch a fish to win!)as well as competitive divisions for Surf, Kayak, and Boat. There is thousands of dollars in prizes, and sign ups will be available now! We want to thank all of our sponsors for allowing us to do this to protect the striped bass fisheries along the entire striper coast.
  6. Yes, god forbid guys get paid for doing this. They should all be paying us to fish their plugs!
  7. What would be the proper way to do it? After setting up members go to the back of the line because they couldn’t wait in line?
  8. Go out with the boys last night in MoCo. Didn’t get touched for the first two hours. After dark it was mayhem. Buddy had a 47”. Biggggg Danny’s and a 1/2 oz jig head with an S&S Bucktails 9” savage shad were the ticket. Only took one picture.
  9. Because those same people not fishing are the same people leaving holes, fires still burning, and garbage on the beach. There’s still plenty of bass and blues in the surf in the summer there, as well as off the jetty.
  10. You might say I’m feeling a little “blue” today….
  11. Info on that shower?
  12. Well, keep being wrong, I guess.
  13. To give an example: The black panther party were leftists. Pro gun, pro community, pro education, and they did a lot of great things until COINTEL. Many modern leftists are communo/anarcho-theorists realizing that neither government can actually work in the real world, because humans are in fact, terrible and selfish (at least the vast majority and certainly most of those who seek power) There are hundreds of leftist gun clubs in America, and at least 5 in NJ that I’m aware of. Some focus on proper training, gun safety, and accurate shooting in high stress situations, others just rent out ranges and go shooting. Up next on things to confuse you: most skinheads arent racist, and many are violently anti racist
  14. Weird. It’s almost like I’m telling you that you have no idea what an actual leftist is, and here you are echoing that.