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  1. Been missing out on my day trips to the mountains for trout, but it’s hard to leave the city when you have such a great fishery in your backyard. Getting into double digit fish every outing.
  2. First day out on the new SUP and ran into quite a few of these guys
  3. Good day exploring some new water yesterday. Took a bunch of fish on top with this wild (I think) brown being the best of the bunch. Any day fishing dries is a good day
  4. Awesome few days of dry fly fishing during the hendo hatch. This beauty was the best of a few really nice fish
  5. Felt damn good to get into double digit numbers yesterday after a long winter. Found myself in the middle of a full blown Hendrickson hatch for a few hours. Picked up fish on dries, wets, nymphs, and streamers. Probably all freshly stocked, but a good day regardless. Also - I suck at taking solo fish pics. Any advice?
  6. My DXF 10’ 4’wt has become my favorite rod as of late. Great with dries, indi rigs, and small streamers.
  7. Anyone have experience with stickman rods? The limited reviews I’ve seen have been phenomenal. I’m looking for a new 6 wt, and Akos, the owner, has been very helpful and responsive via email. I don’t love the idea of not casting a rod before I buy it, but buying a beautiful, custom, little known rod from a good company is really enticing.
  8. What’s the best way to go about finding small streams that hold fish? Pick them out on a map then trial and error?
  9. Great way to start 2021 and my first catch on a fly that I tied. Big bow took the elk hair on top.
  10. Nice catch! I tried a mop fly for the first time the other days, and was surprised at how hard they are to sink. I was planning on using it as an anchor but even with a bead head and a couple shot it didn’t sink quickly at all. How do others fish them?
  11. There’s decent fishing year round with no closed season. I believe it changes to catch and release only in the colder months. I’m not sure on the specifics, as I only catch and release either way.
  12. Got out on the farmy yesterday for the last trip of the year. Worked hard for only 1 streamer bite, but made the trip worthwhile.
  13. I’m still definitely torn between the two. As far as salt, I have a TFO axiom 2X 9 weight which I do the majority of my striper fishing with and I really enjoy ripping that rod. I also have 2 ll bean quest rods, a 5 and 9 weight that I bought a couple years ago when I wasn’t sure that I would stick with fly fishing. Now I just keep those two rods for friends to use or as a backup. Speaking of backups, I snapped the tip of my recon at the Farmington last week and now I’m using that LL bean 5 weight as my primary. I haven’t casted the rod since I became good at casting, and man can I bomb that thing. It’s definitely not great with delicate presentations or soft tippet ( had 2 fish break me off on 6x the other day) but it throws nice loops with heavy indi rigs and weighted streamers. I was surprised at how much better it casts heavier rigs than my recon 5 weight. I even moved my reel and line from my recon (lamson guru) and put it on the LL bean rod and it still seemed to cast much better than my recon. Anyone have any insight to this? Is that just because the recon is softer and the bean more of a power rod? Or is it possible my recon is underlined? It’s lined with RIO WF5 line. Casting the bean rod definitely made me lean towards a true 6 wt as the rod didn’t take nearly as many false casts/double hauls to get heavier rigs out. My two concerns with getting a 6 is that I already have a 5, and I also only like to bring 1 rod with me fishing. I often switch from dries, to nymphs, to heavy streamers depending on what I see, and I’m not sure a 6 will do well with the dries and lighter nymphs. This is also the reason that I probably wouldn’t buy a 7wt at this point as it wouldn’t do well for the majority of my trout fishing, although I do like the idea off having all odd numbers rods ie: 3, 5, 7, 9. The 3-4 weight definitely piques my interest as well as I fish quite a bit of smaller water loaded with small brookies and browns. Either way, when I get my recon back from Orvis I’m going to take it along with my new cheeky reel to bears den and see what Scott suggests. Appreciate the input from y’all.
  14. Caught a ton of brookies the other day. Here are a couple pics of the best looking one.
  15. Appreciate the input. I was also thinking of picking up a 10’ 3 wt to get started on euro, but I’m not sure how much I’ll enjoy that style of fishing.