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  1. pic of the bike
  2. still still mad, huh?
  3. Riverside Marine has crabs in. Should have worms this weekend, too.
  4. Get well soon, boomer
  5. still mad huh?
  6. Haven't seen any dandelions yet. Will be scouting some spots tomorrow, though.
  7. I tried the GULP shrimp once and got 0 bites. YMMV.
  8. Trying for Spring tog, as well. From research it seems like a good idea to bring a traditional tog rig and sea worms since there won't be many bait stealers around. I'll still be bringing some crabs and newer style tog jigs to compare effectiveness. In my experience, tog on Aquidneck like Asian shore crabs better than greens, too, so maybe plan to get to your spot a bit early to flip some rocks. @DZ thanks for the great tip!
  9. I came here to post almost the same exact thing, except it was during the day yesterday. Peepers all over. Surface water was nearly 60ยบ where I was.
  10. @SouthCoastSurfFishermen wondering if you could install a kind of clamp/grabber with a remote release. This way you could fly, lets say, a spook, like 300 yards out and release it. Then have fun retrieving it for about 15 miuntes haha. Essentially using the drone to deliver a plug or, hell, even a blackfish jig with a solid piece of crab on it waaaay out.
  11. same^
  12. You can fill a bucket in a few hours from the right shore spots in December.
  13. Thanks DZ and Sudsy! I'll get some 20# fireline. And thanks for the high drag knob tip, too.
  14. Yes, precisely; it's pink Ande on there currently. I was wondering whether I should strip it off in favor of braid. My question could have been clearer.