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  1. For sale: 10' MH Tsunami Trophy II (Tackle Direct link) only fished a handful of times. Some cosmetic dings (see image). Fishes like new, just don't need anymore. Payment: $90 PayPal, Venmo, Cash Delivery: This rod is listed as pick up only, but I would be willing to travel to meet up/deliver up to 30 mins away from Newport, RI. Shipping would be around $40 (not really worth it for a $90 rod). Images: Model Dings
  2. It's seaweed city. Tough conditions, but managed one striper this evening. Might start fluking this week.
  3. lol reporting on fish other people catch
  4. 32 striped ones caught today from 24-30" on the island. Left them biting. Edit: over the span of 2 hours
  5. This wind is killer. Been battling the wind and weeds all month. Found some clean lanes and got a couple slots on the island this week.
  6. Osprey are at the beaches on Aquidneck. Saw seagulls getting herring on Saturday.
  7. None of those bluefish, but I had a slot on top water out front Saturday, then a dink and 2 blowups Sunday. Windy.
  8. A fast and relatively light reel is not necessarily required, but Albies are the fish of a thousand casts, so something light which can also burn it in fast is highly preferred so you don't get pooped out after 20 casts.
  9. You will want a fast reel. 40" per turn or more imo.
  10. First outing for me this year was yesterday. Tried some corners. Probably another week or two before seeing anything here. Edit: first outing out front; been catching all year
  11. Saw the same thing, in what was probably the same stretch of water, earlier on Saturday. Almost did more birdwatching than fishing.
  12. Peepers loud at Sachuest today.
  13. Saw osprey yesterday and the day before. No peepers yet. No herring out front yet to my knowledge, but I'll be cruising.
  14. @rst3 you know, that old proverb...