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  1. A lot of good happened to the industry after TMI…operator training, emergency management and INPO was established…the oversight groups are more intrusive than you think…the litmus test for the future of nuclear is resting on the shoulders of Vogtle 3&4 new construction Westinghouse AP1000 plants
  2. So when the tougher background checks are implemented, and for some reason now, with the stricter criteria, I am deemed unfit to purchase another firearm, will they then have the “ammo” to relieve me of my existing arsenal?
  3. And runs up the tab, prolongs the inevitable
  4. Interesting…possible solution for our fearless leaders to look into. juvie or not, the declaration he made at 14 should have been a red flag. Sealed record doesn’t mean it didn’t happen; big difference
  5. Lol, nice…2A is a feel good amendment, but keeping up with govt toy quality is cost prohibitive for us modest folk
  6. Sure, 2A all the way, but if it ever turns out to be govt vs citizens, their “visit” will be brief
  7. Pretty sure if you own a 50 cal or a tank, ATF has dropped a pin on your location to “visit” early.
  8. concur?
  9. Doubtful…the s was skirted, the 306 was internal
  10. outlaw abortion, set up adoptions to families of appropriate political party; another method for a bought vote…meanwhile, I’ll be watching the coat hanger market closely
  11. I’m jealous
  12. Life, liberty and the fursuit of happiness