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  1. Mine fell apart pretty fast as well. I also really hated the tube design on the inside. It was more like compartments then tubes. It’s hard to explain but it made for a very heavy bag especially when you filled it up. The new ones look a little better then the previous model.
  2. Yeah I would love to hear why it’s not good. What experience did you have with it?
  3. I have the tsunami trophy 2 8'6 and it casts an sp minnow very well. Very cool rod especially if you are on a budget.
  4. That's a really cool photo outlining Montauk.
  5. I think that some lures are made to be fished with trebles. The best way to combat this is to just crush the barbs. Crushing the barbs on a hook makes your life so much better for both the fish and yourself. If you can change a plug to a single hook and it works great then that's even better.
  6. How does the DNA 10 foot handle the bottom of the lure rating say 3/4 to 2oz?
  7. I use Penn reel grease for my reels. It has worked well for me and haven't had any issues. For my drag washers, I use Cals Drag grease. I know for the carbon drag washers people say not to use grease but I havent found any issues with the Cals grease.
  8. I love fishing!!!