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  1. Is the GSB sold yet?
  2. I'm thinking about buying a genesis 11' 3/4-4 oz. Does anyone know the weight of the rod?
  3. I'm in. Thank you
  4. I would be interested in the rod as well.
  5. I hear good things about the 10ft odm dna.
  6. Stupid question but how much would you sell the rod? It’s just out of curiosity.
  7. I did mine online as well in it came in about the same time. I am a bit worried this year about 4x4 access as I have a feeling a lot of people will not get the permit and just go. Or people will get the permit but not carry the correct equipment and air down. I just have a bad feeling about access this year.
  8. What sizes are the spro jig heads?
  9. Does anybody have any comments about the TFO tactical surf rods? How is the "Magnum Action"?
  10. Ok sounds good would you negotiate the price at all? It’s gonna be a hike to get over there and pick it up but I am willing.
  11. Your very welcome. Only advice is after 1.5oz it definitely isn’t good. But it’s not made for that so it shouldn’t be an issue. Happy Fishing!
  12. I’m interested. Why are you selling it?
  13. I really like it a lot. The rod was like $80 and it dosent feel cheap to fish with. I have thrown 1/2 to 1.5 oz on it and it excelled perfectly. You can really launch an sp minnow. I just wouldn’t recommend getting the ssvi too wet as they do have seals but it isn’t no van staal.
  14. I’m not really sure how much the difference is because I haven’t put a 4500 on it yet. But I would imagine you could get some more distance over the 3500.
  15. I have that same exact setup and I use it for the back bay. You definitely could cast a little bit farther with the 4500 but I haven’t had any issues with my 3500 ssvi being to small besides the handle. Which I upgraded as well to the slammer handle. So far I like the rod too.
  16. As long as it’s ok with ww874 as it is his thread. I’m definitely interested in the rod.
  17. I just saw the new Ford bronco today. I was a bit disappointed to say the least.
  18. Wow that is so cool. I’m gonna try that on a rainy day.
  19. You really put a lot into keeping that bag alive. Gorilla glue and packing tape was the last resort. After my bluewave bag, I purchased all gear up surf bags and haven’t looked back. They seem pricey but is just so nice not worrying about the bag taking a dump while your fishing. My dream bag is a flatlander. One day it will happen.
  20. How about a jigging world nexus rod? I here very good things about it.
  21. Dark Matter Pencil
  22. That review is spot on. I’m having flashbacks now.
  23. Man I love my Benchmade. Some of the best edc knives out there.