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  1. where are you located?
  2. Could you take the braid off and do $700 shipped?
  3. I have used hellbender boot foot waders for a year now. I have climbed on rocks, walked miles on the sandy surf and they have held up great. After every trip, I rinse them down with some salt away and they work great. My friend on the other hand used them for about a month and they started to leak. Frogg toggs sent him a new pair and the new pair leaked right out of the box. I guess you just have to get lucky.
  4. Ok, I will let you know very soon. Thx
  5. Where are you located? If possible I would like to meet up.
  6. Bump
  7. Yeah, slammers are sealed and can definitely take a beating and a splash. But I guess if you don't need a sealed reel the bg is the way to go.
  8. Why do people like the BG so much? I know that it's the best you can get for its price but it's hard to compare a slammer to a BG.
  9. Where did u get the female plug from?
  10. Just curious, what is the lure rating?
  11. Bump
  12. If I am not mistaken, I do believe that the new Visser reels have a port similar to what you are describing. In my opinion, it's just another place for water to get into. But if you're not looking for sealing then it does seem like a good idea.
  13. +1 for the sandblasting. But personally, I would just let it be.
  14. where are you located on long island?
  15. size 5 boot? That's weird if it fits your 9.5 foot lol. Do they leak?
  16. Where are you located?
  17. Where are you located on Long Island? I'm thinking about coming to pick it up.
  18. Is that rod really rated 2-6 oz?
  19. Anybody using the new VR? Do you like it?
  20. Albie Snax?
  21. I was just in JandH tackle the other day and I saw a visser in the glass case. Just seeing the reel sitting there next to a vsx 150 made me laugh. But, I don't think you can blame JandH for still selling Vissers.
  22. I added epoxy over the crack and then put some electrical tape over it after the epoxy dried. It doesn't cause any issues with the action of the rod. It's just a cosmetic thing.
  23. So I was out fishing the other night and there was bait popping all around but I just couldn't catch anything. It was pretty frustrating but that's just how it goes sometimes. After giving the spot a good couple of hours of casts and some distance covered, I started to see something in the distance. Some sort of big creature has popped there head up from the water. Is it a bird? A plane? No just a fat seal destroying bunker pods. Does anybody have any input? I would love to hear some stories.
  24. Which reel do you have paired with the AWE 9'6?
  25. Double Uni is the way to go for Braid to Braid. IMO