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  1. My friend recently snapped the bottom half of his 9foot 3/4 to 4 medium moderate mojo. Anybody willing to sell?
  2. Your very welcome but another thing I want to comment on is how you said “Long beach is good, far out by Montauk even better” to me this is one thing I really don’t like. And what I say is totally my own opinion and everyone has an opinion. But I hate that statement. I too succumbed to that statement in the beginning of my fishing days. But I have found that fishing your close and local waters more often make you a more efficient fisherman. Instead of going to sit on a train for hours to fish montauk for the weekend and then go home. Find a local spot that you can go to easily. I don’t want to come acrosss as being uptight I’m just simply stating my opinion. I’m sorry if it sounds harsh. There’s times where I fish my local waters and have the absolute best nights of fishing and then I go to montauk and get skunked. That’s just part of the game. I’m not saying montauk is bad by any means we all know it’s an amazing place. Just think of your local spot first. I hope this will help.
  3. Go on google maps and find places. That’s the best way to do it. Nobody is gonna tell you their favorite spots. I will say maybe go on google maps and look to the right and left of far rockaway and fish around there. Sombody once told me to fish in areas that you can easily access and consistently go to and I think that’s very helpful.
  4. This baitfish was inside the belly of a bluefish that was caught near the Jamaica Bay Area. Can anybody ID it? Is it a type of mullet?
  5. Odm Nex1 have been useing it for about a year now and I haven’t looked back since.
  6. What about the lower end ?
  7. What’s the rating of the 1201L?
  8. I think threads about pliers might be my new favorite way to pass the time.
  9. I’m interested in the 1201l. Can you post some pics?
  10. I definitely agree with you
  11. Yeah I understand that you can do that with the old one but it seems that the new version will make it more comfortable straight out of the box with the longer handle and stem. But once again not really a crazy reason to run out and get one. Unless you want the new lefty version then the new one fits the bill.
  12. So my vsx 200 is 21.6 oz no need for me to get the x2. Thank you for the information. On the other hand the 150 at 14oz is def a game changer. In the video Craig says the 150 can be put on a 10ft or surf rod which would make that a nice and light setup.
  13. So far still nothing about the weight. I’m very interested to see what it will be. Overall I think they made some nice improvements but im not going to run out and replace my vsx 200 with it.
  14. Anything made by the brand "Beyond" is beyond ****.