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  1. Love this approach @gellfex. This way you don't have cords going all over the place so you can keep everything if you do dump. I think that you showed pictures elsewhere, can you share so we can see how to implement? I'm beginning to think about keeping all gear stored until used. This makes it more efficient if you're launching from beach too and then you don't have to worry if you capsize.
  2. Thanks for the info. Yep, I would want to keep my fish finder, at least for the GPS. You never know when situations are going to turn and you need to rely on your GPS. Good call on the wires -- putting them in a bag and wrapping them. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to practice launching up north?
  3. I'm looking to do some beach launching this summer so I'm prepped for the fall (and maybe later) season; I live up north (Raritan Bay is around an hour from me), so I'm looking for the skinniest beach around so I don't have to drag my yak across a fat beach, like North Beach. In addition, I'm looking for a beach where kayak launching is allowed during the day. When thinking about launching, and planning for the inevitable, I'm planning on storing most everything underneath, with the exception of tackle, which will be tied down in the stern under bungees. The one item which continues to concern me is my electronics. If I store my electronics, how do I keep my wires waterproofed and watertight. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  4. I have a Lowrance Hook Reveal 5, I've had it for about a month now. I like it but hear that the Humminbird is great. As long as you have Navionics and GPS, either one should be fine, but GPS is critical. I was caught out in a super heavy fog off the Connecticut late last Friday night, and without the GPS, I would have been in deep trouble. Good luck.
  5. Why don't you guys buy Old Town Predators or a new Sportsmans? They offer a Lifetime Hull Warranty, and they're heavy, but I've NEVER heard of one crack.
  6. I love my buff mask...I haven't used it out on the water yet, but I will. I also fish primarily solo - when I do go out with others, I'm often frustrated because they're out doing their own thing instead of working with me. Have a plan, tell someone where and when you're going, my wife makes me check in regularly and report my progress, what I'm catching, etc. Be super conservative when you're solo, don't be a hero, you don't want to be the next person whose body the coast guard has recovered or has suspended searching for. There will be another day when the fish will be hitting as well and the seas will be calmer.
  7. i bought a navionics chip, downloaded new charts and installed onto my Lowrance. It seems to be working ok - I'll test it this or next weekend. Lookin' good!
  8. I also got a campsite (Fr-Su) but have some conflicting priorities so I'll be in and out; I'm real excited to fish the area as it seems quite promising -- the entire area looks great, provided the weather cooperates. If not, there seems to be plenty of places to duck and hide and fish back sections, but what do I know. @jlapenta are you at Rocky Neck? I wasn't able to get into there -- KOA
  9. The mackerel rigs are essentially 5-hook sabiki rigs with tubes on each hook, with the bottom hook being a small diamond jig,maybe a 1/2-ounce jig or so. As a kid, we used to fish out of Maine (Boothbay Harbor, I believe but could be wrong) on party boats that would chum with cat food mixed with quaker oats (a trick that we still use to this day for a variety of fish, freshwater and saltwater). We used to fish ultralight rigs in Maine for the (Atlantic) mackerel, then cut them up and use their chunks for bait for blues and stripers. I'm not sure if that fishery exists anymore or if they've been replaced by bunker. Those fish were plentiful (garbage bags) and provided lots of food for many larger fish. Great bait.
  10. So Tournamen X does show spots where fish are caught, I see. It's my first time using it. I'm curious how accessible those reef sites are to kayak anglers; they are catching huge linesiders at those spots to the point that I got myself a new measure...
  11. Is anyone planning on fishing the TBO Trifecta tournament next weekend? Captain's meeting next Friday night, fishing all day Saturday, tourney ends Sunday. All is done through TourneyX this year so you can socially distance and fish a tournament. Camping has opened back up for the local state park in CT, but it appears that only RVs can go to the state parks; there is a KOA right in the area where most go out of (Niantic). I've signed up. This is my first tournament, but I'm looking based on the maps to fish Bartlett Reef. I'm not sure if this is reasonable or realistic but I want to see first if anyone was fishing it, where they were planning on fishing (without spot burning, of course), etc. I'm just trying to be reasonable, realistic and SAFE but still have a shot at doing well in this tournament, as I'm still competitive.
  12. I've never launched from there, but it seems the channel would hold structure. I have a friend who fishes from there regularly and says that he does well with porgy.
  13. ok -- so I can go onto Navionics and download the chart onto a chip, correct? I'm trying to figure out how to do this and ensure that the charts are there.
  14. I went out in a freshwater reservoir and it was all there, so yep, I'll need to buy coastal charts, it looks like c maps is $300 for my region, pretty pricey
  15. I recently bought a Lowrance Hook Reveal with inland charts. I thought that it also had Coastal charts, but when I went out and fished on the coast (Absecon Bay NJ) on Monday, there were no charts for the area. I'm having difficulty even finding anything that resembles charts for the coastal NJ and surrounding areas for the Lowrance Hook Reveal. Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas? I called tech support and they said that I would have to purchase the coastal charts, but I can't find them, even on their site.