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  1. making circles is not bad for the knees. I have a Sportsman 120 PDL, it's a great kayak, very stable. I also have an Autopilot which is stable and has an electric motor. The only downside with the Autopilot is its weight - it's a beast. You need to have convenient launches, no pulling it over long sand dunes or anything crazy.
  2. Pedal drive or SUP? It's like apples and orangutans. My 2 cents back to the Bigwater's ability to stand - it's terrible. I own one and standing is real bad. The Sportsman 120 PDL is the one that you want if you're going to stand. I tipped my 132 Bigwater and lost lots of gear once, and I came close other times.
  3. I own one of these -- I also have the Bigwater PDL (Predator) and Autopilot - this is definitely more stable than the Predator/Bigwater and more nimble than the Autopilot. Its stability is unparalleled and is just as fast as the Bigwater/Predator. I do agree that turning this is brutal - you can get a metal rudder from navarre kayak fishing and that should help quite a bit. I've really enjoyed fishing from this yak and would highly recommend it.
  4. I have one. I think it's blue, but they've told me that I have a red-green and blue-green deficiency, so what the hell do I know, LOL.
  5. I'm just reading through this thread and used to fish here in the 80s. There weren't lots of stripers around - we used to catch lots of fluke, bluefish and weakfish, but stripers were a rarity. The fishing got good in the late 90s and early 2000s.
  6. Fished MoCo last night - about 2 hours from 7. Maybe one bump. I'll probably wait the weekend then will hit it again early next week.
  7. love it - we all need to turn on our Blackfish Jerry lovelight...
  8. ...going where the wind don't blow so strange...
  9. I could watch underwater fish feeding footage all day...
  10. Checklists are key! I recently got all the way to launch only to realize that I forgot my seat -- it majorly delayed me and my launch. My list (although I'm going to modify based on Gellfex's critical/seasonal/optional): Kayak pedal drive spare prop nut seat rod holders PFD VHF radio paddle depth finder/GPS depth finder battery fishing rods tackle boxes including spool of line (fluorocarbon) pliers emergency knife water pee cup dry suit crate bug spray boga grip/landing net pedal shoes camera headlamp Q beam Kayak wheels Night light (for the kayak)
  11. Great list. You forgot bug spray though...it's a definite seasonal product
  12. Not only that, as FishHawk II said, it also brings down your body temperature. One of the major risks of falling in the water, besides drowning, is hypothermia. From what I understand, dry suits keep a layer of air trapped in the suit, making you more buoyant, so if you should happen to fall out, you will stay relatively dry. If you're in waders and they fill up, or if your chest and your upper body is wet and some of the area below your waste is wet, it could quickly drop your body temperature. 5 degrees is significant. A quick Google search indicates that hypothermia sets in when the body temperature reaches 95 degrees. 5 degrees from a normal body temperature would have the body at 93.6 degrees. Just be careful. I absolutely love fishing from my kayak -- there is nothing like it. You can't explain the freedom, the ability to catch fish that it enables you to do from a thin piece of plastic. I've also met great people as well, most of whom are very safe. That's key, be sure to stay safe and not make life-threatening decisions.
  13. I'm with all of you on the 7' Ugly Stick Tiger Elites. They're reasonably priced and have good action. I also like the 1-piece versions. You beat the hell out of rods on the water, there's no way around it; they have held up.
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