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  1. Good morning everyone, I have been surfcasting for a while but had never targeted tautog before up until yesterday and was hoping for some advice. When fishing for tautog from shore, more specifically from a jetty, where do you believe it is best to place your casts? Is it best to have your bait very close to the rocks where there is a drop-off or a bit further out? And typically, how long do you let your bait soak before moving/casting elsewhere? I’m primarily a striped bass fisherman so letting bait sit and not casting far out just seems counter intuitive. Any nuggets of wisdom would be greatly appreciated, I would like to hook up with a few this spring.
  2. Why the white gloves? Lmfao.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I went yesterday and to two spots and didn’t even have my bait stolen once. I casted next to big, partially submerged boulders in the surf, I tried dropping the bait right where the jetty dropped off (like 10-15 feet in front of me), and I tried casting it out 30-40 feet out from the jetty. I didn’t tried casting into the middle of the channel (one of the places I was at was a breachway). I’m just trying to come up with a game plan for next week. I want to make sure I’m at least putting my bait roughly in the right place.
  4. Good Afternoon everyone, I am a new to this forum for the most part, and new to fluke fishing. I exclusively fished for striped bass for a while now at a variety of beaches, breachways, and jetties in RI. Though I want to begin fishing for fluke. I have a set-up and gear, but I was hoping for possibly some guidance. I plan on fishing at a few well known breachways in RI and was not sure if that was a good plan or if I was better off sticking to the sand. I just figured trying to find a nice open piece of beach during the day would be tough, plus it seems imprecise, and may be difficult honing in on fish. Jetty/breachways seem to be magnets for fish of all kinds, was not sure if my logic was flawed or if I should do something different. With all of that being said, I realize the restraint some may have just forking over intel to someone they don’t know or who hasn’t been super active. I respect it, but I just genuinely was hoping for some advice, anything would be appreciated.
  5. Good Afternoon Everyone, I am new to fluke fishing, I recently tried my hand at it and happen to get ten in one day; it was a great time. I was curious and was hoping for some insight in regards to fluke and weather. How does rain effect the fishing in your experience? I am used to fishing for striped bass who don’t seem to mind rain and who enjoy white water and strong currents. Though, I have no idea about fluke. The weather is suppose to be rainy/cloudy, with some scattered thunderstorms for the next few days (at least last time I checked). Was hoping for some insight into whether it could be productive or not so much. Thank you.
  6. Who said I believed it, and why are you looking to pursue some type of conflict? Listen, I don’t know who you are and I don’t particularly want to. But it isn’t like I made an account on this website to go back and fourth about petty conflict with strangers. Here is the bottom line chief, I love to fish. And currently the world is upside down with a pandemic and protests. Though I seek and find refuge in fishing. It is a fun outlet which appears to be enjoyed by those, or at least most of those on this website. I came looking for advice about a fish I only once directly pursued once before. I am looking for insight which may assist me later on from those who have been doing this longer then I have. You may derive pleasure from bickering with those you do know over the internet. Maybe it makes you feel important or like a special snowflake, but I do not. So unless you have something constructive to add, I plan on ending our short chat. So, MakoMike, or rather Mr. Mike (whichever you prefer best) I hope you have a nice rest of your evening and I wish you luck on your future fishing trips.
  7. The person who also posted on the thread: “ribeye”.
  8. Interesting take, though I would build from what ‘ribeye’ just posted previous to you. They have noted that they notice the tog bite is effected in their perspective by cloud cover. That is useful information. I was not sure if fluke may response similarly to such things, for I do not know; thus why I asked in the first place.
  9. No makomike I don’t believe I am. I am new to fishing for fluke so I did not know, that is why I reached out to this community of Rhode Island anglers for some insight. All of which I appreciate.
  10. So at the breachway, what is usually your strategy? Do you fish the backwaters only or do you fish the channel and the outside of/end of the point?
  11. A lot of great recommendations, I use a small duffel bag which is similar in size/shape to a tool bag. It actually is a NRA bag, might made to carry a handgun case. I carry two Plano style tackle trays/boxes which is big enough to carry all of my lures, plus bug spray, extra finger tape, and hook cutters. Ever since I got a treble hook in the thumb I try to not go fishing without hook cutters in my bag.
  12. Good afternoon everyone, I wanted to gauge everyone’s feelings about fishing the canal in rainy and windy conditions. I have found success fishing the sand and jetties/breachways in stormy weather but I have not fished the canal a ton while it is raining. I’ve fished during Nor’easters before and it actually was kind of fun. I’m someone who will fish regardless of the rain but I was curious if anyone here has strong feelings either way.
  13. Yeah I feel the same way. Unfortunately last night it was not really rainy but very windy which made casting and keeping contact a challenge.
  14. Good afternoon everyone, I am new at this website, though not new at surf casting. I regularly fish the cape cod canal and often enjoy fishing various jetties, breachways, and a few beaches. The canal is still slow and only producing schoolies for the most part so I thought I should try a few of my RI spots. I am sorry if this has been previously discussed but I just wanted to make sure the intel was current because I wouldn’t want to make a trek there and for it to not work out. Is parking at the various jetties and breachways open at night? The spots I am thinking of are officially open according to RI gov but I was not sure if parking was closed at night/ there was a parking curfew in place in any spots. Any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated.