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  1. Sold lickety split! ^
  2. I bought a bunch of plugs this season and ended up not fishing much. These are all the basics you need to get started, & all should be well known. I upgraded all the hardware and hooks to VMC in most cases. I'd like to sell the entire set together, if possible, & will take the financial hit as a consequence. $200 PayPal and it's all yours. Any questions, I can try to answer them!
  3. Just kidding: $420 Last last drop...
  4. Dropping it to $450-- that's the last drop.
  5. Selling a new Thomas & Thomas Zone 9' 8#. Lawn cast, changed my mind. Plastic still on cork, 10/10 condition. Includes T&T sock & hard case. Warranty card unfilled & can provide details. I'll pay for shipping anywhere in contiguous USA; will ship international if you pay for shipping cost. PayPal only, add 3% to cover fees. Will ship from Maine. $499
  6. BG sold. If anybody wants any of the remaining stuff for the price of shipping, let me know. Otherwise, thanks SO!
  7. $70 all in and I'll ship today.
  8. So I'm responsible for what people wanting to buy stuff from me do?
  9. He didn't make one here in this thread that I can see. PM him if you want more details from the man himself.
  10. VSX sold to econosmith. BG still available.
  11. Price drops: VSX - $649 BG - $79
  12. What is still available: VSX 150B BG 4000 Terramar XX Hook Sharpener Assorted free stuff
  13. Looks like it would only be around $20 to ship UPS Ground 2 days.
  14. I can tell you tomorrow around 9 am what it would cost exactly.