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  1. It's funny that people have any hope left for these fish...
  2. I picked up a FeelFree Moken PDL last year. It runs about half the price of an Old Town, and does about 95% of the same thing. I quickly became obsessed with kayak fishing after buying it, and can't wait to get back out this spring...
  3. Selling a like new Loomis NRX Swim Fly 8' 8" 8 weight. Rod looks brand new, fished it in freshwater a handful of times. Comes with the rod sock and hard case which are also in great condition. Loomis' warranty covers everyone, so no need to worry about breaking a 'used' rod. $699 Local pickup in Maine, or I'll ship for free to contiguous USA. PayPal goods and services only, please add 3% to cover fees. Thanks for looking!
  4. If you really need to fish, why not wear some nitrile gloves (2 pair?). Probably a mask. Or just stay inside.
  5. You are falling for his trolling. Just don't respond and he'll stop.
  6. The Labatt Blue that many typical SR anglers imbibe copiously probably makes them immune to fish parasites...
  7. Gaping, festering wounds on fish that are 95% dead... that's how I like my fish.
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