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  1. What's the sweet spot on that rod? 1-3?
  2. I wear Korkers Special Ops. There is no sand protection on these boots, yet I don't find myself drowning because my feet are weighed down by buckets of sand. They seriously cannot be so bad that you can't walk in the water with them?
  3. Wading boots like this aren't designed for saltwater fishing. I don't even really see what the issue is with sand getting in them? You take them off, rinse them out when you're done, and move on. Simms makes saltwater boots for a reason. Better yet, get yourself a pair of those scuba booties for $40 and be done with it.
  4. Black Diamond Storm. Waterproof/dustproof 400 lumens, red/green/blue settings. Under $50
  5. Oh yeah, I'm salivating just thinking about the smell and the feeling of 4 eels swimming around in my waders when the bag breaks!
  6. I'm new to spin fishing; can somebody explain why an empty eel skin would work better than, say, a similarly color Sluggo? It seems like the motion of the eel is what makes them ravenous. Is it the smell of the skin?
  7. Just listened to the NYT podcast about white sharks returning to NE. Interestingly, all of the people attacked have been either in boats, surfing, or swimming. No mention of sharks attacking static people in the water. I'm sure we've probably all had whites closer to us than we realize...
  8. That's probably the rod that I'm looking at the most. Can't really find anything about the action of the rod though. Anybody that owns one?
  9. I'll be fishing lures only, and I don't really see the need for a super long rod for the places I fish. Looks like a Medium is the way to go, since I've already started a collection of 1oz plugs...
  10. I'm brand new to spin fishing & trying to understand what power rating I'd need in a surf rod for stripers in New England? Not fishing the Canal, just beaches, rocks in Maine, hoping to get into bigger fish next year (if we can fish). Is a Medium-Heavy necessary, or will a Medium rod get the job done? I'm looking at spending around $200, something like the ODM DNA, or Tsunami Airwave Elite... Thanks!
  11. I had a Redington Behemoth, that is marketed as a saltwater reel, last me about a month this year. I took it apart and flushed it with freshwater after every use... and the drag was frozen solid. Garbage reels. I'd only fish saltwater with a fully sealed reel, or a Tibor.
  12. One from left field: Douglas DXF 11'6" 8 weight. This is the first overhead casting rod I've owned, but it took about one cast to see its true quality. Throws 500 grains of T17 like a cannon.
  13. I started fishing one-hand Skagit with the OPST Commando head a few years ago; it's a really easy way to learn some basic skagit/spey casts, and makes transitioning into two hand casting a bit easier. All you need to do it is the 5 weight rod you probably already have, some Amnesia running line, a shooting head & some tips. Perhaps add that to the list of things to check out?
  14. The Redington Zero click is very plastic sounding, the Battenkill is more pleasant if you don't mind the older looks.
  15. 10 Crab Pots 5 Chartreuse/White Clousers 3 " Deceivers 2 " big hollow fleyes