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  1. Left OOB for Florida yesterday. A day in Mass visiting the kids and on the road to Naples tomorrow for the winter. Now when I think of “ backcountry tarpon” I don’t think of The Keys but more the 10,000 Islands or the Everglades.
  2. Thanks, I'll have to check it out!!
  3. Don't be so hard on yourself. It happens. Tomorrow's another day!
  4. Where is Surfland?
  5. Got my 1st Striper on a fly this year as well. Wasn't worth a picture. I considered it a PREschoolie!
  6. Unless you're fishing at night, the tides really suck this weekend!
  7. Backcountry Fly Fishers website has a lot of information about fishing SW Florida. http://www.flyfishingnaples.com/local-fishing-info-2/
  8. Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them.
  9. Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them.
  10. How he wasn't diagnosed with a concussion I'll never know!!
  11. Drink more beer!!
  12. I couldn't agree more! Last year when I started flyfishing in Florida I bought a 12 for Tarpon (my goal is a 100#er). First time casting it (on the front lawn) I said "WTF is this?" and put it away. Last week, up here in Maine, I took it out so I could "get used to it". Lo and behold after 30 mins I did indeed get off a few 80 foot casts relatively close to my target. Need to be a lot more consistent so practicing I will be doing more of!
  13. Getting old is not for sissies.
  14. Twice a month, when I'm in Florida. Backcountry Fly Fishers of Naples, FL have a bunch of IFF certified instructors willing to teach their techniques. They will also have a famous fly fisher like Andy Mill, or world champion Steve Rajeff, come and discuss technique as well.
  15. LOVE when this happens!! Which BTW isn't often!