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  1. Key word, BOAT. Used to have one, now I fly fish the beach. I haven't seen or heard of one fish being caught off OOB this summer. Granted I haven't been out as much as in the past but I do have two more weeks to try then I'm off to Naples, where like I say, I KNOW I'll catch fish.
  2. I can't wait to get to Florida. I KNOW I'll catch fish there!
  3. Where are you going?
  4. So I take it the surf on the beach side is too rough to fly fish?
  5. Ever fished the beach at Cayo? I'm seriously thinking of getting a tent and camping out there for two/three days when I get back down there. When do the permit leave?
  6. I would think anyone filleting would cut perpendicular behind the gills no?
  7. Found this on the beach this morning. What does one think, Blues or Shark? (Wish I caught him before he met his demise!)
  8. Yay for the OLD guys!!
  9. No black spot on the gill.
  10. That's exactly what I told them when we got back to the car!
  11. Took the kids to the beach last night. Oh they know how to fish, they fish with their father all the time. What Pa taught them was.... what a damn good skunking is like!! I even threw a gurgler and a sand eel at them and nada.
  12. I'm a member of Backcountry Fly Fishers and they do outings to Estero Bay, which I'm not a fan of, and Matlacha/Pine Island, which I've never fished. I fish from a kayak and Estero had a lot of water skiers and jet skis. Is Matlacha similar?
  13. Wife and I went to the beach today and she hands me my towel and I say I won't need it because I ain't going in that dirty water, (all seaweed). So I sit and start reading my Tail Fly Fishing Magazine and I come across this article about sand eels..... But before I do I say to myself, self, since you've been here you have not seen any seagulls and only one tern, so where are the baitfish? In the article under Range and Habitat (of the Sand Eel), "A sure bet is any section of coast with nesting terns. Sand eels are a crucial part of the terns diet." No Sand Eels, no Terns, no sand eels, no Bass. Where? I'm in Naples and still looking for my first Tarpon.
  14. If it were only that easy!
  15. Seriously considering getting this t-shirt!