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  1. Like many others have said, shortening the leader would definitely help. I fish about a 10 footer in the same skinny water conditions you mentioned and it works pretty well. I think I know what you mean by “overpowering” your casts. To combat this I would leave a little more (about 3-4 ft) slack in the line when you make your final cast. Another way to think about this is to try making your final cast sooner than you think you need to. Eventually you can hone this in to prevent the fly from whipping around at the end of your cast when all the line is out. Just make sure to get plenty of practice!
  2. Hello All! I’m new to the forum so I guess this doubles as an introductory post. I thoroughly enjoy chasing stripes and blues on the fly, the majority of which occurs from a paddleboard or in the surf. That being said, I do have a boat and have heard reports of bluefin coming in south of the vineyard. I’m wondering if anyone has experience targeting them and would be willing to offer advice. Thank you.
  3. I concur with everything they said ^. This morning I saw some small bunker against the beach but no fish. I took a trip to chappy beach in Falmouth this evening and there were large schools of what looked to be silversides. The terns were keying in on them and dive bombing right off the shore! Once again there were no fish other than a few sea robins. Is it still a skunk if I catch one of those?
  4. I may be wrong but I believe many of the pre-tied leaders they sell use a perfection loop at the end as well. Definitely a solid knot and not too cumbersome to tie! I wouldn’t worry about it.
  5. I always used a double surgeon’s until I broke what looked to be a decent sized fish off. Switched to a blood knot for tippet and I definitely think it’s the best choice. Streamlined, strong, and you can cut the tag ends off nice and close.