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  1. I always load 7" redfins, but I usually use mineral oil. The water will evaporate over time and loose its weight. The magic number for me is 10cc As for bombers, I never tried. Some are hollow I believe, but most are sold plastic . The long brokeback bombers are solid I believe.
  2. Ita not about beating up your equipment, but how you fish. If you have a few light dunks and try to keep your reel above the water and never crank it underwater, then the penn slammer is great. Now if you're in a wetsuit and waders and almost chest to stomach deep and your reel is constantly underwater and reeling underwater then the van staal VSX, VSXgen 2 or Zeebass is the reel for you.
  3. I find that at the end of the season wash all your rods down with a wet cloth or towl with a little dawn dishwasher detergent in it. After wards wipe it down again just with a clean wet cloth or towel. After it's all dried, I use some pledge and wipe down the rod from top to bottom. It's a little bit of work, but your rods will looks brand new and ready for battle for the next season.
  4. The saltx aren't bad reels. You're just limited to not dunkin them too much in the salt water or never crank under the water. If you do get them wet, just wash them in fresh water after every usage, and they'll last more then 2 years. Look at it like a penn spinfisher or daiwa bg.
  5. The Japanese make some amazing fishing gear, whether it be rods, reels or lures. Some of those rods are pricey, but worth it in my opinion.
  6. Most are in deeper waters now, but you might get lucky and get some stragglers here and there. I was told there's still some keepers at beaver tail if you're willing to battle the cold.
  7. I understand completely....nothing beats the fresh ocean air regardless if you're there fishing or just walking around. Depending on where you live, there may be holdovers, if you're willing to be out in the cold.
  8. The DANCO 6.5 inch Premio Titanium Pliers are my go to. I had mine for over 2 years and still works amazing! Great quality and should last a long time if taken care of.
  9. The 1321m is a great blank. I would stick to the 2 -5 oz range unless lobbing eels I use the 1201m and love it. You have the beefier version.
  10. A spook during morning hours and top water swimmer at night.
  11. I agree with put_em_back and AdamR It's a Capt Andys
  12. Sunrise and sunset are always spooks and poppers and night time is always swimmers.
  13. I love using some good old gibbs pencils, usually $20 or under, you cant go wrong for a wooden lure.
  14. Respectfully would you take $40 for the lot if I meet you to pick up and paid cash? I'm from RI too.
  15. I'll take it please.