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  1. Vacuum seal and freeze
  2. Heavy West winds are going to cause blow out tides in the back. Where does all the bait go when this happens? I wonder?
  3. So what's the $ invested to date?
  4. Do you have the correct tool? A lot of manufacturers require using a special tool that they sell.
  5. Top, side and bottom image.
  6. I definitely believe the beach replenishment has hurt the fishery. All of that structure that held the whole food chain are gone. Now it's just a big desert that gets covered over every 5 years or so. If there are no food sources for the game fish the game fish will disappear.
  7. Here are the folders...
  8. When Sports Authority stopped selling guns it was the beginning of their end. Hopefully the same will happen to Dicks.
  9. +1 on the Harkin
  10. Did a bathroom vanity top out of a 2" thick piece of live edge walnut. Marine spar varnish for the finish. Stil looks like new.
  11. Old Bethlehem steel mill. Now a casino.
  12. I was dropped after Sandy. I have Narraganset Bay now.