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  1. Tulip tree. Didn't know they existed.
  2. Sea Bright Rumson Bridge was cholate milk on Sundays incoming.
  3. Spalted birch. A little on the soft side but it's only a marking knife. It doesn't need to take much abuse.
  4. Can it core a apple?
  5. What format are they in? Should be .jpg
  6. Made a handle for a marking knife.
  7. I need train horns for my truck.
  8. The EPA has separate definitions for an herbicide and a pesticide. OSHA directs you to follow the SDS for a particular chemical no mater what it is.
  9. NO they are herbicides and I only spot treat weeds never broad application.
  10. a clam that smells like a rotting blue fish in a marina dumpster.
  11. I have never used pesticides on my lawn, have always used a minimal amount of organic lawn fertilizer and very little weed killer and never in the back yard where the dog goes just for that reason. I didn't help. My GSD is currently fighting cancer and doesn't have much longer. :-(
  12. Wind and rain every week has kept it churned up.