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  1. How much do you want to spend?
  2. So I'm fishing for trout. I'll mostly be throwing large spoons. Like 1 - 2oz. I would like to occasionally throw some dead bait but not much cuz my rod is rated up to 2oz. Right now the braid I have for the 5500 reel is 25 lb with a 10lb florocarbon leader. I want to cast as far out as possible but not have my shoulder hurt at the end of the day.
  3. At a fly shop, $1.50-$2. cheap as 50ยข
  4. I started out learning through a community class. It was not too pricey and the materials were included. Also, 75-100 bucks will get you a good vise that will last decades. Most flies don't need the fancy rotator.
  5. Thanks guys. I've been throwing it with a 5500 daiwa emblem and it's wayyyyy too heavy for it but it casts spoons a mile!
  6. Not a doctor but I have what I think is a SLAP tear on my labrum. This can happen due to repeated overheat activity. You can try to rehab it but if not then surgery might be the only option.....
  7. I've tried showing others several times. I be there's a great youtube tutorial and maybe try it with thicker thread so you can get a better view of the trick.
  8. I'm just getting into using a surf rod and am going to be using it for shore lake fishing. I bought the Okuma Rockaway 10ft Medium Light 1/2-2 oz. What size reel do you think I should match with it? It is a really light rod but I want to get maximum casting distance out of it.