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  1. The chase and swoosh was 20 to 30 feet long. Could be that
  2. Possible. It's hard to explain but what I heard only on the first swoosh was definitely a chase. Something was trying to swim away but was caught by a predator. You know what I mean? it can certainly be a seal as the predator or the prey. I am usually never alone and surrounded by some really experienced folks, but it just had to be this moment when I was alone and will always wonder what was it
  3. Report from last night: 2 Schoolies caught at two different locations out front, 3 dropped. Random: I stopped by at a river last night just to see how the tide was and stuff. Around 4AM, saw a big splash in the water. When I say big, meaning almost like a 20-30 feet long almost like something really big was eaten by something bigger. Massive swoosh after a chase. Then it stopped. I wasn't sure what happened, as I just saw the ripples and white water on the surface. Lasted for about 3-4 seconds or so. Then whatever it was, came around and another few massive swooshes in the opposite direction. Then turned again and back. Lasted for about 30 minutes. I was alone, had no idea what it was. It was far from me, but I had a bottle plug which casts the farthest, so I casted that in case it was stripers eating bunkers or something, but whatever it was, wasn't interested in that at all, sometimes the swooshes would happen feet away from the bottle. no clue what it was really, but it was an experience nonetheless, really wished there was someone there to see that and probably tell me what it was. Note: I couldn't see anything above surface, like a whale or shark fin or anything. Everything happened just below the surface with absolutely nothing visible.
  4. Quote from a website. Not posting link due to SOL policies. but it's on NCSU dot Edu
  5. That's great news for me I have been dying to catch some of those. I looked up water temps and looked like it's too cold for them as they prefer 65-75 degs usually. But if they are coming in, I'll have big smiles with each one of those I can catch.
  6. I am sure he meant 24 to barely legal (24-barely legal)
  7. Oh man, I thought I was the only one doing this. Every time I go with the mindset that if I catch a keeper I am bringing it home. I want to only take one keeper home this season, but I do want to. The first keeper I got, I felt very accomplished, and suddenly got a lot of respect for that fish because I have been working very hard for the fish since April, and just couldn't catch it and kill it, so it went right back after a quick photo shoot. Then I decided that ok, I am here for the fish, so the next keeper is going home. Got the second one and it was nice and fat with beautiful big eyes, and I was like naah man, she needs to swim so let her go. Got a bigger one next, got this feeling that when this one lays eggs, we'll have a lot more fish in coming years, so letting that go was my contribution to the sport of fishing. After that, the next few just got caught on days when I knew I won't be cooking for next few days, so no point of catching fish, and freezing it and eating it later, fresh is fresh, so let them go The next one I am taking home if I can not find any reason to not do that. Like @RiverCommando215 said, there are times when you get a fish that probably won't make it even if you let it go, I am guessing if that happens, I will definitely not feel bad putting that fish out of misery. I thank the healthy ones and release them thinking one day I will catch its offsprings. One day, I will take one home and not feel bad about it. So I am with you on this man, happy to know there's at least one more person out there on the water with similar outlook. Cheers.
  8. Paddletails ... I have not tried the eels yet. I was going to order but waiting as a friend of mine has a few that he wants me to try first
  9. Love these and can confirm catching stripers with these. These have the barbarian hooks, which seem to be great. I would recommend it.
  10. I thought that was a meteor (unless what I saw was one)
  11. If it was summer, maybe, but not now ... it's ice fishing time, you don't want the jokes to crack you up. What kind of music to listen to while fishing? Something Catchy.
  12. It was good seeing you ... hope your leg is better man. I dread the water which is why I don't ever wade or even go more than an ankle-deep mostly. Anyhow, congrats on the fish, and great effort man. Tight Lines. Stay safe brother. Report: Everyone I fished with or around caught nice fish, I skunked. Felt like a fool but that's how it is some days and that's perfectly ok. Good luck.
  13. Beautiful sentiments sir. Grateful to you and all the great men and women out there who have served selflessly for the safety and betterment of their country. Looking forward to bumping into you at the surf one day soon.
  14. My understanding of the situation is that the fish belong in the ocean and come to the surf to feed when there is no food available where they are. Since they have food right now they don't have a need to come to the beach. I might be wrong I'm a newbie but that would be my best guess.
  15. MoCo no skunk. Tiny fish though.