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  1. Mannn I love it ...,so far so good . First time out i caught 4 blue fish ...not sure if the measurements but on my last one the blue was massive ...surprised the rod didn’t break but happy
  2. I got this real as an early Father’s Day gift and as of now it’s my favorite...it surpasses my all favorite reel ....the shimano thunnus baitrunner
  3. Tsunami airwave elite 9’6 medium
  4. Med/heavy fast action ? And which st croix because I have the mojos
  5. Send me a link to the rod please
  6. Medium? I was thinking about mh but idk
  7. I scored this penn slammer 3 as a early Father’s Day gift from my wife ...I’m planning to use this reel for plugging in the surf ...any rod suggestions ? Thanks in advance
  8. I just purchased the 9ft med/heavy okuma rockaway ...looks and feels great ...haven’t fished yet
  9. I order the tsunami a few days ago I’ll just get the tica to...fudge it
  10. Do you think I can use a xh tsunami airwave elite ? 11 ft
  11. Send me a link please . Thanks
  12. I had no intentions but since my wife gifted me this , what rod would you suggest for shark fishing ? From the surf tho
  13. Someone is selling a 700 for 80 bucks ....if I was to buy it what woukd be the best set up for this ?
  14. I’m thinking about getting the 400 but what rod would you suggest?