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  1. The bass seem to get lazy during the warmer summer days. I have caught a few keeper size fish here and there during the day but the night, dusk and dawn seem to be the best.
  2. India all the way. The Chinese are perhaps the biggest threat to the western way of life.
  3. Caught a fat near keeper the other day at dusk on a bucktail. It looks like the bigger fish are still coming up as the action looks to be better down south.
  4. I have the 11 ft 1-5 ODM DNA. It seems to cast its entire range well enough and is built quite well. It has a 1 year warranty like the airwave elite. If warranty matters to you, I'd for a star paraflex or tfo. The 10ft 1.5-5 oz star paraflex will probably do everything you need at the canal and costs around $200. The reel seats on the St. Croix Mojos seem to twist around so I'd stay away from those.
  5. I was at plum island the other day. I saw pogies and even a sturgeon but couldn't get a single bass. Has anyone caught a keeper on the North Shore this season yet?
  6. I saw a bunch of pogies jumping around yesterday at Plum Island. Not a single bass though.
  7. Get a star paraflex and a Daiwa BG 5000 or whatever size you need. The paraflex has a lifetime warranty. Honestly, you really don’t need more than a BG for striper fishing. It handles striped bass as well as any $200+ reel.
  8. I’ve seen some people drift chunks last year at the canal. I don’t know if they were chumming or not. It seems more effective than plugging.
  9. Does anyone know if the Parker River Wildlife refuge will open this spring?