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  1. I’ll answer this candidly. I came to this country at a very young age. I have since become a citizen and after visiting my home country I have come to realize that for me, freedom is simply being able to live quietly and in peace. That really is it.
  2. I gave you another dislike to savor.
  3. Man this thread is just depressing to read.
  4. Well, that's politics for you. Both sides will stop at nothing to slander the other.
  5. Contextually it sounds like he meant it as a compliment. It just came out all stupid. Not particularly bothered by it.
  6. Always blaming the new gen...
  7. So much for freedom of speech.
  8. Just the way it should be.
  9. They don’t live in the same reality.
  10. Here is what I think: - prioritize in producing vaccines - crack down on white collar crime - crack down on corrupt police departments and officers - increase tax on large businesses - decrease tax on small businesses - establish a minimum wage that can be lived off - continue pulling out of warzones - ban travel from countries with extremist ideologies - reduce student debt That's all I could think of at the moment.
  11. Kind of a weird thing to say considering that parler is a safe space for conservatives.
  12. Natural Selection
  13. A few years ago I saw a guy huck a fairly large whole frozen mackerel maybe 15ft into the surf. His setup was a freshwater rod and he had no rig. It was just a hook and line. How he landed a near keeper class fish I will never know.
  14. I'm not a particularly political person as well. But that post contradicts itself in many ways. Whatever the deal is, I don't really care. I just want to live my life without these "values" being imposed on me as I don't agree with them. Thats all.