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  1. So I was seeing a bunch of people standing at the Charlestown Bridge Way at the very end on the wet rocks. In my opinion I thought that was very dangerous because you could easily slip off and then you’re gone. And then I asked one of the guys when I was leaving and I asked him how he didn’t slip off the rocks and he told me he had these cleats on the bottom of his shoes. The cleats dug into the rock and preventing him from slipping. Then I asked him how much of those costs and he says he paid over $500 for them. So next time I’m out in the market for some fishing gear my next thing to buy would be some cleats for wet rocks. I’m not really sure how much it would really cost if the price he gave me was too high or too low or what is really the best brand to get. Does anyone have any preference or tips on purchasing cleats for fishing off wet rocks.
  2. From what I’m able to understand about Sea Robin’s is that they are supposedly a scavenger fish. Or what many people consider a trash fish. I have also heard, is that you can eat the tail portion of the fish. Not sure if it is any good or is considered a delicacy by few. If so, how do you prepare such a fish to be able to eat?
  3. Has there been any news on blue crabs lately? What I’ve know from the past is that blue crabbing usually doesn’t reach its peak until late July early August. Rumor has it that due to warm winter, the water temperature has warmed up quick. That usually means the blue crabs have come out of the mud. But I haven’t heard of any reports stating that people are catching them lately. Are the blue crabs here yet, or are they still in the mud?
  4. I have an old Hamilton Beach from the 80’s that I use for chopping up clam meat for stuffed quahogs. Still works and is a hardy machine.
  5. I am currently trying to send a private message to another user, but am having a lot of trouble trying to do so. Whenever I click on the message icon, it reads “The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.” I’m not really sure how to get around this issue. Phot below shows the error.
  6. Fluke belly can be used as bait for Fluke, since Fluke are thought of as being canabals. But I’m not really sure if fluke fin meat can be prepared.
  7. I have this 12 foot Shakespeare Ugly Stik 2 piece surf rod. This thing is like trying to swing a tree. The reel that’s on it is a Daiwa BG8000. It currently is spooled with 25 lb mono. I pretty much use this rod for chunking bunker off of a beach. It is very awkward trying to cast with this rod due to its size and weight, I am only able to get about 50 yards out into the surf. While at the same time I see other people with 12 foot rods casting about 150 to 200 yards out into the surf. I’m not really sure if this specific rod and reel is a bod combo or if I am just using poor casting techniques.
  8. I usually dig my quahogs down in the Narragansett Bay. Usually prefer to get all littlenecks, but when I get topnecks or chowders, I tend to use those to make stuffed quahogs. What I do is first steam all the quahogs in a pot until they open. Then I chop off the clam meat and discard the bellies, since they are not good eating. Use a meat chopper or food processor to chop up the clam meat into chunks. At the same time I am preparing the clam meat, I am also making some stove top stuffing. With the stuffing, I prefer to add diced onions and peppers. To give the stuffing some flavor, I like to add either bacon chunks or salted pork or sausage. once the stuffing is prepared, add clam meat. Then add clam stuffing mixture into the empty quahog shells. Cook on grill or in oven to crisp it up. There you have stuffed quahogs.
  9. So I have these braided lines are use for surf casting bottom fishing and trolling. I bought 15 pound 30 lb. 40 lb. 50 pound an 80 pound braided line. I bought all sorts off of a Chinese website called light in the box. The line value was rather cheap. Much cheaper than your average braided line you would purchase at Walmart Dick’s Sporting Goods bass pro shops or tackle direct.For the past few years I haven’t had any real problems until I started fishing in the rocks for blackfish. My line would get caught up on the rocks and would snap instantly. Whenever I use monofilament in the past before braid line this would never happen.After talking with some other experienced fishermen they recommended me investigate number of strands and braided line. Not really sure if it’s worth the money to buy extra strands or just stay with the rather inexpensive braid line I already have.
  10. From the looks of that photo it looks like it gone sour. Best thing for bluefish is to never freeze it. Always catch and immediately fillet or prepare fresh. Cook right away. The main recipe that I would prefer is fillet strips dunked in whisked egg and then in flour. Put directly on oil pan over flame. Never on electric stove.After that the skin or just flake right off. There you have it cooked blue fish that he can eat.
  11. Hi y’all I’m trying to get into some saltwater kayak fishing. I currently don't own a fishing kayak, so any tips on purchasing an ideal one would be a great help whether it should be used or new or paddle or peddle. I am mainly going to be fishing in the Narragansett bay, and in rivers and estuaries. I have mainly been fishing from boat and land and this would be the first time I start up the hobby of fishing from kayak. The fish that I’m gonna be targeting will be striped bass, bluefish, fluke(summer flounder), tataug(blackfish), black sea bass, and scup(porgy). The types of fishing methods that I plan on using will be casting plugs and lures, chunking, trolling tube and worm and umbrella rigs, and bottom fishing. I mainly already have all the rods reels and tackle equipment, but extra tips on certain setups that would be ideal for kayak would be great help. I have a 2012 Ford Fusion sedan so transporting it would definitely needs some planning. Do you guys have any tips of a beginner set up that would work good for me. Mainly looking to spend relatively cheap but not too expensive, anywhere between $500-$1500. Also, what extra equipment would you recommend such as a fish-finder/depth finder, anchor, transporting equipment, and any other extra helpful accessories. Thanks