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  1. from what I've heard they are pretty far up the coast but I fish in Casco Bay mostly.
  2. Got out this weekend and got my first keeper of the year with my son. It was an epic battle but psyched to finally get one after many tries on the pogy schools. Still a lot pogies showing in my area and sea weed wasn't an issue but I was in a boat.
  3. I know about family time and having some fishing time! . . . not sure which town you will be in but you could try Winslow Park in Freeport. If you have time swing into the Tackle Shop and they should point you in the right direction as far as gear and locations. They are pretty tight on this site about mentioning fishing spots.
  4. Are you camping on the coast? Access can be an issue. Some of the towns have public docks you can fish off. Also some town/state parks in the area have access as well. I'd go with bait for that time of the summer. Check out the Tackle Shop in Portland, they should steer you in the right direction
  5. Got my first of the season as well with my son this weekend. 20" and looking healthy, great to be back out there!
  6. Good to see this thread started! I am itching to go as well but I think it will be a couple more weeks for me as well before I get started. Tight lines
  7. Still seeing some activity and caught a couple of fish in the greater Portland area. Enough action to hopefully get me out for another trip or two. . . nice weather doesn't hurt either!
  8. I've found they work good in current and or good surf. What others have said is right on. It took me a while to get it dialed in as well. Keep at it , you'll get it. Also I like the olive/white spro's.
  9. I'm still thinking unicorn salmon, thought browns had little red spots mixed in . . . I occasionally hear tales of people catching them while shad fishing on the Saco so not that unheard of. Beautiful fish either way. . .
  10. umm.... that may be a salmon, I think. and shouldn't be inviting him to dinner...
  11. Cool, thanks for sharing! My wife brought our kids to look for alewives in the Portland area yesterday and didn't see anything. Looks like we should try Damariscotta
  12. Other sites might have more info on this.. . In my area on the coast the small ponds are frozen pretty good but they are calling for heavy rain on Saturday I believe. Things may be different inland.. I'm going to wait another weekend to try as it's supposed to get colder and I'm hoping to bring my 2 young kids.
  13. Thanks for the input, lots to think about over the winter
  14. I've been interested in trying for them as well up where I am. I am curious do you think they would take other bait like mackerel or pogey strips? Or are green crabs really way better?
  15. I hope to get another trip in or two. I've had good action my past 2 outings, although mostly small fish like a few others have mentioned. But it's a long winter!