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  1. Very generous, I’m in
  2. I'll check both of those out for sure. Thanks for the input!
  3. As title states, I'm ideally looking for an LCS9MS carbon surf, but would consider any mid-priced 9' rod around the 1/2-3 oz range. Rod would likely have to be shipped. Thanks!
  4. Sounds good, will look out for your PM
  5. Would you do $355?
  6. Super strike plugs that I've bought recently all have a belly treble and a single on the tail. I've crushed all my barbs and have been able to get good, quick releases on my fish so far.
  7. Seemed to me like quality of football wasn't that bad, although I'm sure they did their best to make the inaugural game entertaining. We'll see if people continue to pay attention – I'm skeptical. Theres a reason that all past spring football leagues have folded.
  8. As said above, roof mounting works well. If a roof rack is an option, yakima makes a good ski rack type of carrier that works well for rods. A buddy has one and is very happy with it.
  9. beautiful photos as always!
  10. I typically go with the fishpond sling that I use for trout, but when I'm wanting to shed weight I use an Orvis lanyard. Its small and out of the way, and is functional enough to hold enough critical flies as well as necessary tools and leader.
  11. I have never fished for bluefish before but would love to catch some before they leave. Not asking for specific spots, but does anybody have tips on how to find them from a boat? Depth, bottom type, etc.
  12. Just south of casco bay they were plentiful about a week ago, but I haven’t seen them in the last few days. Tons of sand eels though. I saw two pogie boats come through and I assume they pretty much wiped my area out.
  13. There were an incredible amount of terns and seagulls working on bait this morning in my small bay. I couldn’t fish today but was working on the water all day and saw the most bait around I’ve seen so far this summer, pogies especially. I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about the fishing maybe picking up, but time will tell.
  14. Thanks for the response, lots of great info! I think that I'm gonna go with a three tube gear up bag so that I won't have to worry about the durability for a long time.