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  1. Just south of casco bay they were plentiful about a week ago, but I haven’t seen them in the last few days. Tons of sand eels though. I saw two pogie boats come through and I assume they pretty much wiped my area out.
  2. There were an incredible amount of terns and seagulls working on bait this morning in my small bay. I couldn’t fish today but was working on the water all day and saw the most bait around I’ve seen so far this summer, pogies especially. I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about the fishing maybe picking up, but time will tell.
  3. Thanks for the response, lots of great info! I think that I'm gonna go with a three tube gear up bag so that I won't have to worry about the durability for a long time.
  4. Thanks for the input. Have you found the large to ever be too heavy or bulky?
  5. Hello SO, I am a relatively new surfcaster and would like to invest in a plug bag this season. I am unsure about what should buy in terms of size and brand. I want something that will not be too big and bulky, and ideally will last a long time. I fish in Maine off the rocks most of the time, so I don’t want to be lugging around something big if possible. In terms of the lure that I like to use, I mostly throw pencils, SPs, and bucktails, but hope to add more types of lures as I get going. I hope that this is enough information about what I’m looking for. Thanks in advance!
  6. +1 for The Tackle Shop, Dana and the rest of their staff will sort you out. In terms of a cheapish rod, check out a Tica TC2. I was just in The Tackle Shop yesterday and saw that they have some in stock
  7. Managed to break the ice this morning with a 16 inch presumably holdover on topwater. Saw lots of birds crashing on bait but they never got close enough to cast to or see if there were fish breaking. Lots of people fishing (especially on fly), but didn't see another fish brought in. Hopefully we get some more consistency in the next week.
  8. About $400-$500 for the rod and reel together. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the advice!
  10. Hey guys, new poster here. I've been fishing for striper in the Portland Maine area for the last few years with decent success, but now I think I'm ready to upgrade my gear. I've been using some cheap Cabelas stuff I bought a few years ago, and now I would like to get some good quality brand name gear, but not something that breaks the bank. I mostly fish off the rocks on the coast which can get pretty slippery, so I don't really want to be lugging around a big rod. I've been using an 8', so I'm thinking something in that range, maybe a little bigger. As for the reel, I was wondering if you guys think I should go with a 4000 or 5000 series. I don't need a fully sealed reel because I don't plan on getting into the water much, but something that can take splashes is important. Hope this gives enough context as to what I plan to be doing. Thanks in advance for your help!