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  1. AI Wed., 44" striper caught and released, around noon at top of the tide just about to switch. It was such a strong fighter that I thought it was a shark or drum initially. I had the lower hook baited with a bloody bunker chunk and the top hook with two fleas. It took the fleas . It was good to see such a late season beauty.
  2. Just checked. AI beach is open for both MD and VA at least for tomorrow and may be the next few days. Captain Steve does not open everyday or all hours, but if you call ahead, they will open it for you
  3. I believe AI visitor centers and ranger offices are closed, but beaches are open. I will check before I go anyway.
  4. got it. Thanks.
  5. Are you saying we cannot fish on the national seashore even with a valid beach driving tag, unless we are Chincoteague resident?
  6. $250 and pick-up?
  7. all guides in good conditions?
  8. That last picture looks funny. Tiptop guide at the wrong place?
  9. Patagonia tooth fish (fresh, not frozen) Parrot fish (if you are not allergic to it ) Fat pompano (not the skinny ones in the spring)
  10. This year's skates are different. They don't have the "oyster back water flavor" as you described. The best skates I had in the past 20 years, fat and juicy. Try it
  11. Regarding skates, they actually taste differently from year to year and location to location. This year's Assateague crop tastes super, without any off flavor. So if you are interested in trying some, this is the year
  12. RIP Captain Mac My condolence to his family and Allen.