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  1. Patagonia tooth fish (fresh, not frozen) Parrot fish (if you are not allergic to it ) Fat pompano (not the skinny ones in the spring)
  2. This year's skates are different. They don't have the "oyster back water flavor" as you described. The best skates I had in the past 20 years, fat and juicy. Try it
  3. Regarding skates, they actually taste differently from year to year and location to location. This year's Assateague crop tastes super, without any off flavor. So if you are interested in trying some, this is the year
  4. RIP Captain Mac My condolence to his family and Allen.
  5. At the corner of the mouth
  6. parrot fish
  7. great. Thanks.
  8. is there a sample rod I can hold and get a feel?
  9. 8' Suzuki looks right. Is that rod going to be in the Edison show?
  10. Targeted fish are snook, red drum,..etc in rocky area. Challenger 801M is rated 2-4 oz, probably not good for casting shrimp. Didn't see 801 L on your web site. How is 8' Suzuki rated?
  11. What is the spec on the 8' Suzuki? I am looking for a rod about 8' that can cast live bait (such as a shrimp or greenie) but with the backbone to handle a big fish. Do you have anything like that in the show?
  12. Y ?

    I guess there are two questions here: (1) why so many big blues this year? and (2) the absence of stripers in the surf. We know why big stripers are here year after year - to feed on the fleas and calico crabs (by examing the stomach content). These are stationary, easy meals during migration. But why big blues are here suddenly this year? They don't eat fleas or crabs, and there is usually no bait fish on Delmarva surf (with occasional exceptions). It is not likely the big blue population suddenly jumped this year. These are the fish that would not get close to the surf in the past but suddenly decided to show up this year. My best guess is that there is a shortage of food supply (whatever they eat normally this time of the year, bunker?) in the ocean which drives them to the surf looking for food. This also explain why the blues this year were all pretty skinny and did not fight very hard. As for the absence of big stripers? I think they were driven away by the massive number of big blues. There was also an absence of dog fish, and to a lesser extent, skates, for the same reason. Just my hypothesis
  13. Cann't believe it was 12 years ago. I remember I was south of you and saw you drove away and later on found out it was a record fish Magnificent fish. Just like yesterday.
  14. This pressure on fishing is almost inevitable as the economy grows in China, India, and many other countries, and it is not limited to fishing. Imagine if everybody in the world eats as much meat as we do in the US, talking about greenhouse gas. Imagine if everybody in the world drives a car as we do in the US, the earth will be boiling over. And the list goes on...... The sad truth is that the life style we have here in the US and West is not a sustainable one. If everybody in the world imitates us, which unfortunately they are, we are all going to get screwed.