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  1. I placed an order for a ODM rod, a Saragosa reel and a couple lures about a month ago from Tackle Direct - these were in-stock items but none has arrived. I don't know what is the issue, something related to USPS (not Tackle Direct's fault? I have no idea) but I've emailed customer service about 14 times and they responded 0 times which is unacceptable. I finally called my credit card to dispute the charges.
  2. Thanks guys, nice to hear others are enjoying their ODMs. I'll check out the 5000 saragosa. Wish I could see the reels in person. My current 9' rod has a Shimano 6000 and it doesn't feel too big although I never used a different reel on that rod so hard to say if it would feel better with a slightly smaller reel.
  3. 2oz white smiling bucktail with a 4" pink gulp as a trailer. My first fish caught ever with a bucktail, last week on the east end of LI.
  4. In addition to being Long Island's worst fisherman, I have a terrible habit of always changing my mind. So instead of buying a 7' inshore rod which I now believe is too small to handle the lures I use bay fishing (thread here), my new plan is to buy a new 9 foot surf rod rated for 1/2 to 3oz, or something similar. I also want a new reel, and I'll keep my current 9' surf rod for friends and family. Looking for something more sensitive than my current 9' Tica TC2 (1/2 to 3oz) moderate power with mod/fast action- it's mounted with an older Shimano reel which has seen better days. I think a 9 foot rod is a great length for the kind of fishing I am doing - targeting stripers, blues from the surf/ocean beach and also in calmer bay waters. I like to use lures like poppers, minnows and trying to improve with bucktails. I rarely use bait but I'll probably do more of that later this summer from the beach. Suppose you had up to $350 to spend on a surf rod, 9' with faster action. I don't need the best gear available but won't mind spending a few extra $$$ to get a really nice setup I can keep for a long time. I'd love to hear some opinions on these rods, and would love any recommendations: * ODM NXG-93 Genesis * Tsunami Airwaves * St. Croix Mojo * Penn Battalion Paired with a Shimano Saragosa 6000 size (does this make sense?) Thoughts?
  5. Now I am re-thinking whether I should just upgrade my Tica to a superior 9' or 9'6" rod...took it out last night for a successful bay fishing adventure and landed a bunch of bluefish with a bomber minnow in calm waters. The 7' Avid is too small to handle those minnows poppers and plugs I like to throw. At this point I am totally confused about what I should get. Would like to have a spare 9' rod (my tica) so friends, relatives can have some fun when they are visiting and it seems like a perfect length for both ocean surf and bays. Confused!
  6. Hi - I need some help with the details before I purchase: looking for help on power, action, and reel size. My specific questions are at the end: I'm looking at a 7' medium power, fast action St. Croix Avid Inshore rod paired with a Shimano Stradic FL in the 5000 size. I am currently using a 9' medium power, moderate fast action Tica TC2 surf rod (1/2 oz to 3oz) which is a little much for smaller lures and definitely not giving any sensitivity when I am using anything under 1oz. I love casting from the surf but there are so many awesome bays around here. Ultimately I want a 7' inshore, a 9' all-around and an 11' rod for jetties/inlets, big surf. I want something that will excel in bay fishing....looking for something that can provide long casts, sensitive enough to feel bottom with bucktail jigs, can handle stripers and blues (maybe fluke and weakfish, and can be a versatile pole I can have some fun with. I had a couple questions: Does this setup make sense for fishing in the bays around Long Island? Does a medium power, fast action pole make sense (think 3/8 to 3/4 oz lures are ok)? Or would you step up to a medium heavy, fast action (1/2 to 1 & 1/4oz). Or something else? Would you go 4000 or 5000 size for the reel? Tempted to go 5000 which gets me a nicer knob and more line (4000 and 5000 are same physical size I believe) Does 7' rod make sense here or should I go 7'6" or 8'? Also if anyone has any suggestion for quality braid that would make sense for this setup. Thanks everyone. I am new around here and basically a hack, vying for the title of 'worst fisherman on Long Island' so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Attached a pic of my latest striper from earlier this week.