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  1. Skinner is a completely obsessive bonkers fisherman who thinks like a scientist and knows how to write. I believe he worked at Brookhaven National Labs. He's the kind of guy who has been methodically tracking data for every single one of his fishing outings for the last 50 years, what was the tides, what was the moon, how many fish dropped off, what was the lure, how warm was the water...and he writes books that explain how to fish certain lures, how to catch certain species, etc. I found his books helpful. But I still suck at fishing bucktails! Books and videos are super helpful yes, but no matter how many videos or books u read, everyone still needs to put in the time. I read the books for "how to" and I watch his YouTube videos "to be entertained watching a slayfest." And it's always a slay fest.
  2. tonight in MTK
  3. Not exactly sure what 2 people you are talking about. But one of the Long Island focused YouTube channels (which regularly used to feature 2 people) hasn't uploaded a video in an entire month. This strongly implies they shut down the channel because why wouldn't a fishing channel upload any videos during prime fishing months of May or June? There's a couple reasons this could be the case: 1) After reading this thread, I'm guessing that he was receiving a ton of flak for spot burning, as this channel regularly featured 4k video showing the full scene and blatantly exposing spots. I never saw negative comments on his videos but he could have deleted all the bad comments. Given that the videos clearly showed his face, it's possible he had some nasty encounters with locals at various spots where he was filming. 2) His videos only averaged 1-10K views each and this probably isn't enough to sustain a living by fishing. Let's say he was making $5-50 per video. It's difficult to make money on YouTube. 3) Maybe he decided to get married and do some personal stuff for a while. I really have no idea. I guess my takeaway is IF YOU WANT THE SPOT BURNING TO STOP, don't watch or support the channel, and let them know your displeasure either in person, or online. Or maybe find them a girlfriend so they can go get married and take time off. I will defend Scooby and his channel til my dying breath. He is a fantastic resource and his reel takedowns have helped me tremendously. My purchase decision for my most recent reel was entirely driven by one of his videos. Someone needs to put him on the payroll...his opinions probably influence millions of dollars of spending annually.
  4. I have an ass old GoPro that I like to strap to my chest to record my fishing. I can watch the videos later to see exactly how many fish I caught, what was my retrieve, what happened when the fish dropped off. I never thought of it before but now I’m worried people will mistake me for a YouTuber! I’m a gray hair though - and probably not articulate enough nor good enough at fishing to make a living doing it. now if there was a way to get paid by the HOUR for fishing I’d be rich! Work from home allowed me to fish over 4 days a week, up from like 1 day per week!
  5. I am a huge fan of fishing videos on YouTube and it's basically all I watch at this point. * I have learned so much - ways to improve my technique, what fish are biting at the moment, and how various products compare to each other. YouTube allows you to turn your fishing hobby into a full time job. I don't see what's wrong with that. Obviously spot burning is not good but saying stuff like "it's just a bunch of dumb narcissists" is completely wrong. Bunch of clueless geezers on this forum.
  6. Sounds like a great reason to buy a smaller inshore rod - like a 7-8 footer for throwing smaller bucktails and soft plastics.
  7. I finally got to test my 10’6” Shinano Tiralejo and I love it. It casts an absolute mile and I doubt my old 9’ Tica will get much use. here is an album with some pics from my first two days: I had the rod in the surf in the Atlantic, fast water in a channel in the Peconic Bay, at the Shinnecock Inlet and I fished a bridge and a back area of Shinnecock Bay. At one point in Shinnecock I was the only one catching bluefish because I was the only one casting far enough. Given I am widely known as the worst fisherman on Long Island this was a somewhat unusual situation for me. I put 30# power pro braid on a 6000 shinano reel and I was casting sp minnows so, so far. I don’t know how many yards but it was much farther than I could cast with my old 9’ rod. I was throwing a 3 oz pyramid weight super easy from the surf. I wanted to try fishing with bait since it was a mid day beach session under the sun. I reeled in a little clearnose skate using sand fleas and I didn’t even realize anything was on the line. But the rod was super fun to handle big bluefish! Anyway thanks to all for the help selecting a new rod. I did manage to find something nice off Amazon, and it the medium power, mod fast action seems very well suited to the many situations I am facing here on the east end of Long Island.
  8. The rod just arrived today and I'll be able to test it out this week under the full moon tides. I'm going after big bluefish here in the bays of Long Island. I need to spool up some new braid on a Shimano Sacorro 6000 reel which I'm pairing with the new Shimano Tiralego 10'6" rod. I don't know what kind / test of braid I need - the guides are apparently 'meant for braid' although I'm not sure how that will impact my line selection. First impressions - build quality seems really nice and I think the rod will impart great action on the lures I like to throw.
  9. One final thing I'll add. I'm interested to see how the new Shimano 10'6" rod works with smaller lures in the 1-1.5oz range. And how it compares to my old Tica rod for bay fishing. My assumption is the Shimano will definitely be better for ocean beach (longer casts, heavier lures and bait) and I cannot wait to fish the surf this summer. But I wonder will the new rod also be better for bay fishing? This spring I've been successful fishing the bays with lures like 1 1/4 oz Hydro Minnow LC 6" in wonderbread from Yo Zuri, and the 1oz 5" swim shad in Pearl from Tsunami. I'm curious how the new Shimano 10'6" will perform with these same 1 to 1.5oz class of lures. I cannot wait to test it out.
  10. I ended up buying a 10'6" Shimano Tiralego rated for 1-3.5 oz. It will be the bigger brother to my Tica in my surf rod lineup and they will share a Shimano Sacorro 6000 reel for now. I caught a bunch of stripers and blues on the Tica, and it will be a great rod for my in-laws when they visit. I'm assuming this Tiralego will be my most-used rod for the rest of the summer. It should throw all my standard lures I take everywhere both in the bays and the ocean. But I'm hoping it will shine in the ocean surf, where my Tica feels outgunned sometimes. Reviewers said the rod is comfortable over 4 oz, compared to the Tica struggling with 3oz, so it will take larger lures & bait in higher winds/current situations. At some point I would love to try a longer surf rod - like 11 or 12'. And I'd love a smaller inshore rod for throwing soft plastics in the bays. It was difficult to shop for rods on Amazon. The selection is poor and finding the correct variant (length, power, action) was difficult. Ultimately this is why I pulled the trigger on the Tiralego - I found the 10'6" 1-3.5 on the site and I couldn't even find other brands.
  11. At this point I am leaning towards keeping the 9 footer and adding a 10'6" rod. Something that can produce long casts into wind, in big surf...maybe fishing a bit of lures (bottles, poppers, minnows), bucktails (2-4oz?), and maybe some cut bait. I saw these two rods on Amazon Shimano Tiralejo 10'6"; 1-3.5 oz, mod fast action $300 Tsunami Airways Elite Surf Spinning Rod 10'6"; 1-3.5oz, Medium Heavy action $210
  12. thanks for all these suggestions. This is great.
  13. I am on the south fork in the town of Southampton - I have a town parking sticker. So I am fishing places like around Sag Harbor, little coves off the Peconics in Noyack, last night I fished a narrows in Shinnecock Bay. I surf cast into the ocean. Targeting stripers and blues. I am not fishing Montauk or the inlet. My current rod is a Tica TC2 - Medium Power, Mod Fast Action 9' rated for 1/2 to 3 oz. I got it on Nantucket in 2012, it was this tackle shops budget rod/reel combo. Right now the last guide is bent and the handle is a little rough. My family did give me Amazon gift cards and they all made a big deal about the gift and I am definitely gonna send them a picture of me fishing with the new rod! So it has to be Amazon for this. As others have said, finding inventory has been a real challenge. I saw the Mojo on Amazon and thought maybe I'd get the 9 footer as a replacement to my Tica. I'd love to find a 9' to 10'6" rod I can bring to the back bays and into the surf. My current rod is the perfect size but I really want to upgrade to something newer. I think 1-4oz is the sweet spot for the kind of fishing I am doing. I could go a little bigger for the surf/wind. I don't do a lot of live bait I think I need a nicer main rod.
  14. I have $200-300 to spend on a rod. I'm fishing way more than ever before and a couple guides have bent and there are other issues on my rod. I want to replace my 9' rod with something nicer. This 9' length will always be my most-used rod, it goes from ocean surf to the Peconics and smaller back bays. I agree a 10'6" or 11' surf rod would be a fun new toy. It would get me fishing on higher wind, higher surf days at the beach. what would you get for a 9' or 10-11' surf rods?
  15. A couple pics from last night on the east end. blue.heic shinny.heic