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  1. Wanted to ask what you fine folks have observed about striper behavior once the mercury rises. I'm sure we've all heard that they become nocturnal come summertime, escaping to deeper offshore water on July days. How true is this?
  2. Well I found my fisherman's excuse for Sunday! This is undeniable proof. Seriously though I'll definitely let you know, this weekend might be mayhem capeside but I'll be back on the flats through July for sure.
  3. A couple schoolies and alot of follows, there were lots of fish out there but I kept spooking them or flat out missed when trying to guess where they were heading & lead them with my cast. I did see some larger fish (20"+, maybe some in the 30"s?) but they weren't interested in what I had to offer. All in all I got some bend in the rod and I got to cast at fish I could see so that's a great day in my book. But boy was @theshadow right, that sand bar was getting PACKED by the time low tide set in, I ended up leaving my spot and moving Eastward a bit. I picked a weekend trip this time of year with great weather, so I only have myself to blame. In the future though, I'm going to try and find a spot that's less appealing to boat folks. Nothing against them, I just like more seclusion when I'm making a fishing trip.
  4. I hear you, I'm not a big crowds guy even before all this. I'm honestly more worried about the gas station, grocery store, delivery guy, than I am about fishing. This is one activity I consider pretty safe, especially because I like to give other anglers a wide, wide berth. But I do appreciate the heads up, especially as it effects access and new rules, etc. I hope everyone is staying safe out there.
  5. That is good to consider Yankee, how's balancing on the SUP? Casting and landing fish is no problem?
  6. Good call. I just checked and it looks like Dennis changed the parking rules as of June 13th. Brewster offers day parking passes where I don't see that option for Dennis. May have saved me some serious headaches Shadow, thanks man.
  7. Quick and sneaky Sandflee, I make sure to head back to a comfortable distance from shore before the water comes up behind me. I also wear some PFD when wet wading, but I'd like to transition to a kayak at some point.
  8. That's great to hear JRT, thanks for the heads up. I'm used to going at dawn for striper so I get stuck in thinking the fish won't be around.
  9. If anybody is looking to wet a line this Sunday, I'm planning on heading to CCB in Brewster or Dennis to wet wade the flats for the Sesuit low tide around 11:45am. Mid day fishing so not ideal but I'm a weekend warrior so I'll take what I can get. Planning on walking out from Crows Pasture, but open to anything in the area - Paines, Saints.
  10. Great advice, I'll keep this in mind. I think I'll be mostly on west facing beaches in Eastham this weekend but sticking to the sand in most waters and top when the surf calms down. Gotta love this time of year.
  11. I also got into some micros this morning on the fly rod, Shadow you've got me convinced to tie up a couple gurglers to see if I can't get some of that popper action.
  12. I've been getting little guys on the clouser in Boston Harbor right after sunrise. Heading down the cape this weekend, hoping to find some bigger fish but any size striper beats no striper at all!
  13. I haven't been down the cape yet but I've heard rumors of the big boys being pulled up. I've had luck with 1 fish on 1 outing with a clouser on the south shore, going to try the same thing on the bay side this weekend.
  14. Great to hear, I've been trying to get into some browns on flies I tied myself but can't seem to see any risers (or any sign of trout, for that matter) on the Assabet. Without revealing personal spots, have you heard anything about there being trout in the Assabet around West Concord? Would you recommend trying closer to the headwaters or a different stream entirely?